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    I recall having seen somewhere on this site, a really good article on heart failure and CFS. I have found the study done in New Jersey, but I am trying to see where I found the article that really explained the mitochondria-heart muscle connection. Does anyone know where to find that please?? I would like to give it to my cardiologist. He does recognize that I have orthostatic hypotension, but doesn't understand why I can't exercise. He thinks it is just deconditioning because my EKG, echo, and treadmill test are fine, but I am very sick shortly after a walk. He says it is not my heart, but if I understand correctly, this article talked about what is happening and why it does not show up on the normal heart tests and the specific tests that need to be done. (Is it Dr. Lerner in Michigan who did those tests?) I would so apprecialte anyone's answer on where I can locate the article i recall having seen.
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    Go out to ProHealth's library and do a search for "Peckerman"'ll find it pretty easily. I just did the same thing a few days ago as I wanted to reference the article and did not have the energy to pull myself out of my chair to go retrieve my hard copy of it.

  3. terrilynnb

    terrilynnb New Member

    thanks, terrys, for your help

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