Good Dallas area CFS Docs??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenkinstrj, Feb 24, 2004.

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    I am almost certain that my 16 year old daughter has CFS. She also has OCD, but with no depression that I can tell. She is happy though tired most of the time and wants to sleep. She alternates between running a low grade fever and having low body temp. I have taken her to her primary care physician who has done all the routine labs but can find nothing wrong. She also has a terrible time sleeping at night although it is better now that I have taken her off meds for OCD and put her on a vitamin/herbs for her OCD. If anyone knows of a GOOD doctor in the Dallas area who treats CFS please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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    Why ? Because there is an immunologist there who has a reputation for REALLY helping people improve. She identifies underlying pathogens and treats them. Her name is Dr. Patricia Salvato and one of her patients posts here
    named "seans". He has found significant improvement .
    I would personally not waste my time on a doctor who was not familiar with the infections that are FREQUENTLY at the bottom of CFS/ FM. Mycoplasma and herpes 6 are
    infecting 65 % - 80% of us and yet many docs just pass out the pain pills without dealing with the infections.
    The symptoms you describe point to an infectious organism . It would be worth it to drive a few hours every other month as her visits are not time consuming , and you can probably do your labwork in Dallas . After the first few months and getting on a protocol, you will probably not need to go very often . It is worth the time to get ANSWERS .
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    Dr. Larry Sharp is a D.O in Fort Worth that has a wife and a child dealing with this disease. He has been seeing Dr. Cheney one of the most respected CFS Dr's in the world for his wife and childs problems. Since Dr. Cheney had to stop seeing patients he only recommended two Dr.'s to refer his patients and one of them is Dr.Sharp because he has taught Dr. Sharp everything he does in his practice.
    I also see Dr. Salvato in Houston and have no complaints but if you want to stick a little closer to home you might want to try Dr. Sharp first.
  4. jghs

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    My daughter also has OCD and CFS.<BR>
    Does anyone know of a common link between these 2 disorders?<BR>

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