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    Choir director called yesteday and ask if our group would sing this morning

    got together last night and practiced. It was not good.
    Seems every song we tried we messed it up. Sounded awful

    So we got up to sing today and God just took over the service.

    The church was pretty full, over 500 people but it seemed every one came to worship. In one mind and one accord.

    People were on their feet and clapping their hands, crying and praising the Lord.

    So we just kept on singing , mostly old songs we had sang before.

    The altars in the church were filled to over flowing.

    I had the most peaceful feeling. Tears flowed dowm my cheeks and I didn't realize they were there

    You know I'm 61 and my voice is not like it use to be, a bit gravely and can't hit the high notes any more, but it seems God isn't finished with me yet and I just stood there,kept singing and prayed that I would be able to do my part that he had for me to do.

    Our Pastor never got around to preaching as he said God was in control and had already brought the message.

    At one point I looked up to see a "Young man" walking down the aisle to the altar an it did bless me so to know the words to a song we sang made him realize he needed to turn to God for the real help he needed,

    I belong to an old fashion Missionary Baptist church and although meetings like these, used to be common ,people are now more reserved and sit quietly.

    So today was very special to me and I feel more relaxed and at peace than I have In a long time.

    In fact I needed today.

    Some of the song titles we sang,
    Flames of Hell
    God Saves Old sinners,
    I've Got So much To Thank Him For
    And Now I know about The Pomise
    God On The Mountain

    What Would I do wihout Jesus

    Look What I Traded for a Mansion.

    I know some on this board do not agree with how I worship, but thats ok and I am not offended as I believe one should worship in the way one feels nearest to God and where God wants them to be,

    I just wanted to share my special day with those who might be interested,

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  2. Its always so nice to have a GOOD day. I always loved singing in church, it is so uplifting and just makes you feel good. Unfortunately the people/minister in our church had a disagreement and we quit along with others. I do miss going.
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    Oh I'm so happy that you had such a great day!
    My Grandmother and my Mother always said, "sing and your heart will be happy".
    I have always remembered that. It's so true.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!
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    I'm glad you had such an uplifting service...God was in control! I've been a music teacher for over 30 years, and I didn't know any of your songs.....but that's OK. Thanks for sharing!
  5. littlebrownwren

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    Some of the songs we sing were written by Kyla Rolen.

    She has written hundreds of songs and a lot of the big southern gospel groups have recorded her songs.

    Her songs are beautiful and theres a story behind each one.
    You can find her on google if you're interested.

    She allowed our group to record God Saves old Sinners yrs ago. We still sing it and now I sing the verses and our choir backs me up on the chorus.

    I admire your talent. I always wanted to play the piano but didn't get the chance.

    I think God knew I couldn't do 2 things at once.

    My daughter who has perfect pitch when she sings tells me that I am the tiniest fraction off on my beat.

    I had the last laugh when she went with me to a mixed congregraton where some of the people clapped their hands on the up beat and others on the down beat. It was a fun night.

    I just love gospel music.

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    We lost a dear friend last week. At one time he was our preacher, then they moved away.

    He and his wife both had such beautiful voices. There are certain songs that we sing and I can hear his voice still yet in the church, makes me feel like he is with us.