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    no this is kind of off subject but...since so many of us are overweight and could feel better by losing a few pounds i wanted to share a web site. have you ever read Prevention magazine? They have a terrific web site!!! They have a great support group along with diet reciepts and a huge section on the south beach diet. I am going to start this as soon as I get the book which is coming in the mail.
    do a web search for this site.
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    I am going to look this up!
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    I live in South Florida and have been hearing about the South Beach diet for a while now. They even have a web site that you can go and sign up and they will give you the diet on line as well as be able to ask questions to the doctor who created the diet. The first 2 weeks seem a little tough, it's sort of like Atkins, but after that you can start adding carbs back in and it seems much better than Atkins. I'm going to Barnes and Noble today to pick up the book.

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    Most people who have never read the entire Atkins diet do not realize that the no carbs is just for the first two weeks, just like the SB diet. The SB diet is a shameless ripoff of Atkins with a trendy name. The diets are identical. With Atkins, after the first two weeks, you add healthy carbs back in.

    If the Atkins or SB diets are too strict, I suggest the SomerSize diet. Suzanne Somers has written four cookbooks and three of them contain the details of the diet. With this diet, you can eat fruit from the beginning if you stick to low glycemic fruit and eat it by itself. Her books contain fabulous recipes and she even has a dessert cookbook. Desserts are allowed even in the first level of the diet.

    BTW, Googoogirl, we are not allowed to post URL's here no matter how creatively we try to disguise them. Anyone wanting to find the South Beach website should be able to without the URL.

    Love, Mikie