Good doc in tacoma wa, very spiritual and kind

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    had my first appt. with a wonderful doctor in tacoma. Is a D.o. that specilizes in fms. First time for the trigger point examime. It hurt very badly, he kept pressing and I cried and even started slapping at his hand! what a baby...Anyway he is going to start me on supplements that he has made at a pharmacy in the area. He says that fibrocare (which is available at this site) is a MUST! also putting me on dhea15mg 1-2 caps per day. Fibrocare 1-2 tabs 2 per day. Going in for ladocaine/b-12 trigger injections twice a week for 2 weeks. The pharmasists says that they ask patients to rate their success (how they feel) on the supplements that this dr. prescribes on a 1-10 scale. 7 being the average. I will take seven anyday. Cause I am a 2 right now. Dr. is also an ordained minister and suggests prayer, meditation and told me that God needs to be at the center of my healling! God is always at the center of my EVERYTHING! so I really liked that. Dr. also gave script for flexaril and a pain med. Believes the pain meds go hand in hand with the supplements. If you are in the tacoma/seattle area and would like further info on this clinic leave your email address when replying to this message and I will email you.
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    Thanks for the report back Judy. Sounds like a great doctor. Please let us know how everything seems to be working for you. I certainly hope it does. When do you go back for a follow-up?

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    The supplements are working and for that I am grateful. The doctor however, is very expensive. My insurance pays 100% for an office call with a 20 co-pay. The injections of laticane and b-12 were very expensive!!! my insurance did not cover well so I owe him $60.00 per visit not including my co-pay! I have seen hime 3 times and will not go back. I think he is a fibro one size fits all doctor. He also does chiro adjustments. He is in and out of the room in 15mins. I had high hopes for this one...the first visit was good (like alot of them are) after that he did not seem to care about how you were feeling just inject, crunch and go onto the next patient.