GOOD doc is now STUPID doc...RANT

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Leaknits, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Leaknits

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    Okay. Here I am at a dr appt this morning and, when he asked his usual question "What's going on?" I told him again about the CFS that we've discussed for the past 3 months.
    Told him I'm not sleeping right, I'm exhausted, have trouble concentrating, and so on. The usual, in other words.

    "Oh," says he, "I know what you need. I'll give you an order for Adderal."

    "That's speed. I just mentioned I'm already not sleeping well."

    "You will be able to do more in the house, get out and garden, go out for walks...."

    "Doctor, I already do what I can when I can in the house, I don't have a garden, and have you noticed I don't walk very well, not to mention that it has been between 90 and 108 degrees outside for the past several weeks?"

    "If you are more active in the daytime, you will be better able to sleep at night."

    Seeing that I wasn't going to get this man to listen to me, I accepted the scrip and dropped it off at the pharmacy on the way home.
    Pharmacy just called, to tell me that Adderal isn't covered under my insurance plan and that they would get in touch with dr to have him prescribe some other thing that is covered.

    Out of curiousity more than anything else, I asked what might be suggested to him. "Well, here's's called Dextroamphetamine."

    Now I am absolutely sure this man never read my file. People with heart issues are warned not to use heavy stimulants, which both the Adderal and the Dextroamphetamine are.

    The office visit with this beauty included some comments about the medications I am taking..."Hmmm, it's odd you don't react badly to the Percoset you're taking, but you claim you can't handle any kind of anti-depressant, calcium channel blockers, blood pressure medications, or the Baclofen I prescribed for you last month."

    "People with CFIDS often react weirdly to medications. I don't just 'claim' the medication issues, they're true, and that Baclofen made me feel so horrible I threw it away. Besides, I don't need blood pressure medicine, my pressure is way low as it is."

    His only remaining saving grace is that he's still better than the county clinic circuit I recently escaped from. We don't have decent medical care here, this guy is the only dr even a little bit convenient to get to who accepts my medical coverage, and I'm raging at his comments!

    I guess it's a good thing he made me angry; my pressure is now up. I'll go wash this morning's dishes...didn't feel good enough to do that earlier. Thanks for listening!
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    I'm sorry Lea this had to happen to you, but there are many of these jerks that just don't listen or have the time to spend with you!! When I have to go to the Dr's office, I call ahead and make sure he has enough time to spend with me, so I can go over everything that's bothering me at the time of the visit! They give you this time limit and make their comments, which make no sense to me either, and expect you to just go your merry way!!

    If you don't mind, may I suggest next time you see him, seeing he seems to be the only one that you are covered by, to make sure he does have extra time to talk with you and go over all your medical complaints. But what he said about "how funny" it is that you're not affected by the other medications he prescibes, is just so annoying and obviously he thought somewhere, that was funny to him perhaps, but of course not you, and he should know better!! We all have these sensitivities to many medications, and just by him making that ridiculous statement would of set me off on a tantrum...and he of all people should know better!!!! I just love the way they think they are God and nobody can touch them!!!! Although I know we are kind of in a bind with who we can see for Dr's and who we can't. So, I guess he kind of is in control, huh? Not unless you can find someone else that is!!!

    I'm sorry I'm kind of venting here with you, but I feel so strongly along with you, about how we are treated when we see our Dr's!!!! I do hope you can get this straightened out and he will realize what he said and will prescibe the proper medications for you to sleep better!!!!!

    Keep the ole chin up Lea, and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that this too shall pass!! And that you can get the rest you so deserve!!!!!
    Gentle hugs,
  3. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Thank you VERY much for replying!
    Phoning ahead to find out if dr will have sufficient time to see me would be great, if he didn't have appts set up for a new person each 15 minutes.

    During that appt yesterday, dr kept leaving the cubbyhole to do something or other he didn't bother to tell ME about; guess it was none of my business. I spent 90% of my allotted "time with him" by myself.

    Nope, sorry, you don't get to apologize for "venting along with me."
    I'm grateful for the company and, at the same time, sorry that similar things are happening/did happen to you.

    I'm still smarting over his "It's odd that you can tolerate controlled medications...but not these other things," please excuse my paraphrasing of what he said. Dam fool, doesn't he get it that if something helped me instead of making me worse, I'd KEEP USING IT??

    I'm sure dear boy would tell me it's all in my mind or coincidental or something, but I now have one H*** of a sore throat and a higher-than-normal pain level.
    Should I call and thank him, snarl bite?

    When I locate Utopia, I am going to drag every bad doc I can find to there. I will then treat them as they mistreat us.


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  5. cczub

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    My doctor is the sme way. That's why I haven't seen him since January! He's the nicest guy but when all the test came back negative and he goes" it sounds like it could be FM".. everything stopped. He tried me on Lexapro and then added Xanax because he said I was probally depressed and had anxitity issues.. Then he added Lunesta which he only gave me 1mg pills... 1mg did NOTHING but neither did 3mg...

    After almost 2 months with no change he stopped all the meds cold.. Boy did that screw me up...

    He's a nice guy but geezz... His favorite blood test for me is for HIV.... He must have tested me for that amd lyme at least 6-8 times over the course of 2 years...

    That's why I'm looking for a doctor that will treat me for the FM and not just push pills on me!

    Good Luck
  6. I too thought I had a good dr, then I mentioned I had a hard time sleeping, and he said we all do. HUH?
  7. Leaknits

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    Hi, Charlene...and thanks for replying:

    We don't have decent medical care here, this guy is the only dr even a little bit convenient to get to who accepts my medical coverage.

    If I leave this one, I'll have to go back to the county clinic circus, uhhhh I meant "circuit..." NO!!

    When I first started seeing this dr I said he was good because he listened, believed in vit supplements and, wonder of wonders, made housecalls to his homebound patients one day a week.

    I also referred people to him, based on what I thought I saw in him. Won't do that any more.

    He prescribed me a few new-to-me things, one for heart issues and I forget what the others were.

    His "new stuff" scrips either had no effect at all or made worse the problem they were supposed to fix. I chalked this up to "Hey, he's at least TRYING to help me; that's better than what I got from the clinics."

    Well, now I have no idea what to do. He's carping at me because I won't use his didn't work things, making snide remarks as to my tolerance and non-tolerance of meds.

    Side note: several years ago, 2 county clinics here merged and became one. Patient files were literally thrown into falling-down buildings, never to be seen again.

    This included my files which looked more like BOOKS by that time.

    He spends most of my allotted time complaining that he is "flying blind" because he doesn't know my history.

    I tell him "Welcome to the world of CFIDS...I don't remember much of my history." I then find myself apologizing to him because of the holes in my memory!

    I give up. He claims to have lots of cfs/fibro patients. I'd have thought he would have taken a little time to do some research...oh sure.

    Sorry for the continued rant, I'm nearing the end of my rope and don't have the energy to tie a knot in it and hang on! If I didn't need to keep seeing him in order to be medicated for what looks like it will be a lifetime of ongoing pain, I'd stop with the docs altogether.
  8. Leaknits

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    Thank you for understanding!

    What I don't understand is why, when you told your dr you have FM he immediately jumped to "You're probably depressed" and ordered up two anti-depressants.

    What in the world do anti-d's do for pain, if I may be so rude as to question God...oops I meant "your dr?"

    Seems to me that treating something he thought you "probably" had could be borderline malpractice. But that's just my opinion.

    I admire your courage in staying away from drs from January to now. How can you stand to have no relief from the FM?? Your pain tolerance must be amazingly high.


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