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    There have been some lists of doctors given but none in Alabama. I checked the doctors tab above and there were only 3, one of which is a chiropractor. I need a doctor to take over my complete care including pain management. Because of this, that leaves the chiro out.

    Does anyone have the name of a caring, compassionate doctor? I had read somewhere that Dr. Nancy Sawyer from Birmingham has a special interest in fibro but don't know anything about her.

    Please respond and help. Thank you!
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    After searching for months, I finally went to visit my family back in Texas so I could see a decent doctor. At least he finally diagnosed me. After I went back home, he didn't return any of my calls though. There's no money in calling in a refill or new prescription, so now I'm going to see if my GYN here in Alabama will be willing to try giving me something--ANYTHING new.
    If you're close enough to Birmingham, I'd give Dr. Sawyer a try.
    I couldn't find anyone even close by in Florida or Georgia who was taking new patients, and had experience treating FM.

    Alabama is turning out to be a frustrating place to have FM.
    Nice warm weather, though. ;-P
  3. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    I had much trouble. I live in Clay, thirty minutes north of Birmingham. There is some doctor in Greystone area who will treat FM, heard they are good.

    But for me, I ran into dead ends for CFS, which is what I mostly have. Heard of the chiropractor. But I decided to try the FFC in Atlanta, desperation. With FFC, they do much the same as this chiropractor, but with meds and blood work. I am better.

    Don't go to Dr. Gwen Williams, a rheumatologist at St. Vincent's East. Don't go to Val Prelipcean in Clay, an internist. Don't go to Dr. Michael Rowland, an endocrinologist at St. Vincent's East.

    I called people who I learned of through friends in my effort to find a doctor. I called a lady in Blount County who has CFS. She said she can't recommend her doctor.

    I called a lady who used to be sponsor of CFS support group in Birmingham. The group has dissolved now. The sponsor got better and went back to work. She is a nurse, by the way. But she couldn't recommend a doctor in Birmingham. Her doctor is in North Carolina.

    I talked to a man in Anniston who has CFS. I asked what doctor he sees. He said he sees a retired neurologist and is his only patient. So I couldn't go see him.

    You might check with some rheumatologists at Kirkland Clinic in Birmingham. I read they participated in a study in CFS years ago. Problem for me is that they weren't in my insurance network. And their research was years ago, 6 I think. I decided FFC would more likely be up to date. I am changing my insurance company in October.

    When I told my husband I decided I would go to Atlanta FFC, he didn't want me to go because of the travel. He just couldn't believe that in Birmingham, one of the main medical research cities in America, that I couldn't find a doctor to treat this.

    If you hear of a doctor for CFS, let me know.


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    I was dx last year with fibro by a female doc in walnut grove, al..very, very small itty bitty town. anyway it is a pay scale type I am low income so I got to see her for 20.00 a visit. This lady Doc is a sweetie and very caring toward fibro suffers..their is no doubt about that.
    I told another poster on this board about her and she went to see her and told me that she was very happy with her even tho she had a bit of a problem understanding her also. This other poster stated that she was also from alabama and could not find a decent doc to help her.

    This doc in walnut grove, al loaded me up with meds and when I told her they were not working she changed them right then and there.

    I am seeing a new doc now that is not a pain mgm doctor nor a fibro doc.I just wanted a doc I could understand..unfortunally I dont understand this doc either..I have an appointment with a new doc in b/ham this month. My eye doc made the appt for me and told me to stop seeing the one I am seeing now in blount county..he told me I did not have diabetis (the doc in walnut grove had it in her records I was a pre diabetic) and although, my blood pressure was out of site he did not change my bp meds which led me to have a strok arggg..sp???? in my right eye..I almost went blind in that eye and had to have a shot in that eye to help restore my vision and help it not get any worse.
    they still wont give me glasses because it wouldnt do eye doc is wating to see if my sight improves anymore then I will get glasses..this month

    the only reason I stoped seeing the doc in walnut grove is because I could not understand her..language barrier..well I got every other word I think.
    the other reason is nobody except one lady at the local wallyworld pharmacy could read her writing..then sometimes still had to call to confirm the script.
    My point is I would have stayed with her if I could have understood her better.
  5. minkanyrose

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    haven't found a good doc either we desperatly need help in alabama.

    am getting so discouraged. going through the hoops all over again as when i first started trying to find out why I was hurting am afraid I will have to go through weeks-months years of pain before i can get releif.

    this is totally crazy with all that is out there now no docs available anywhere in al come on.

    wish you all a great day.
  6. mompain

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    I do have an appointment with the Dr. Nancy Sawyer in Birmingham that I mentioned earlier. I spoke with her nurse and was very impressed with what she said. She said that Dr. Sawyer was very interested in Fibro and this was her special thing. That gives me a little hope.

    My appointment is in late March so I will let everyone know once I see how it goes. Maybe she will be an answer to many of our prayers.
  7. DixieDe

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    I was just about to post and ask this question. I live in North Alabama and had thought I could find someone in the Huntsville or Birmingham area but so far no one has been able to give me the name of anyone. I hope some others will reply. I'll guess I'll try Dr. Sawyer in Birmingham.
  8. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    Based on the location of Walnut Grove (Etowah County) and her accent, I would assume the lady doctor you spoke of get help with her college if she agreed to serve in a poor rural area. This might mean she is a young doctor, recently out of school. One other CFS sufferer told me that if I could find a doctor who recently came from school, they would likely recognize CFS because medical school now teaches about CFS.

    But, Prelipcean in Clay did that. He served as doctor in rural area for so many years before he came to Clay. Maybe it was long ago. But he didn't know the current science of CFS.

    I just checked out website for Sawyer. She specialized in Mitral Valve Prolapse and Dysautonomia.

    Does she specialize in CFS also?


  9. mompain

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    I called and spoke to her nurse and she said that she did. I found one thing on the internet that talked about her specializing in fibro also.

    I guess someone will just have to go to their appointment and see for sure. Mine is in March so if anyone goes before then, please let us know about her. She does sound promising though.
  10. Goldyfm

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    I have been a patient at the Al Orthopedic and Spine center at what used to be Medical Center East and is now St Vincent's East. This office has their own Rheumatologist (Dr Watterson), who has not prescribed for me, just coordinates my other doctor's etc for the Fibro. However, there is a Pain Medicine Doctor there (Dr Barry Goodman) who I highly recommend. He has done some spinals, trigger point injections,sent me for Physical therapy, ordered some pain meds and a TENS. I am very pleased with him as a Pain Medicine Doctor. I will say in defense of the Rheumatologist there, that I am the exception to the rule when it comes to any treatment as I have other issues that make me a hard case to treat.

    I got a referral to a Dr. David McLain (Rheumatologist), who is at Brookwood on some days and in Inverness area (I think on others). He came highly recommended to me and is somewhat a specialist on Fibro. My first appointment he made x-rays, lab tests (some immunology studies) and a lengthy office visit. He has since corresponded by email on my tolerance of his treatment regimen. I was impressed with his knowledge and approach to my treatment. I can only say that I have just seen him once at this time, but I did hear good things about his care and waited a long time to get in to see him, but I do think it will be worth the wait.

    I hope that helps all you Alabama people.

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  11. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    Despite the difficulty finding a doctor in Alabama for Fibro, it seems even harder to find a doctor for CFS.

  12. shelia54

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    I have been using Dr. Sawyer for several years now. She also treats Sjogrens Syndrome. She has it herself. I used her when she was at the Mitral valve clinic but she is now in private practice. I have SJS and Fibro. She is very caring and understanding.
  13. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    I looked her up on line. Websites show her still at MVP clinic.

    Would you mind telling me how to get in touch with her?

    Hmmm, I wonder if she is up on the latest on CFS since she treats so many illnesses.

  14. mompain

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    I have her information and will post it later today. I am getting ready for worship now and don't have extra time to find it.

    If she has the sjhowgns??sp herself maybe she keeps up with the fibro and such because she really understands what it is like to hurt. I have a friend that has that and it seems like a lot of the symptoms are like those of fibro even though there are different ones too.

    If the lady that posted has fibro and sees her, maybe she will repost and let us know if she stays up-to-date on the latest research. This doctor sounds really promising so far and also the ones the other poster mentioned. I have seen Dr. Goodman myself many years ago and really liked him. He does seem to be very caring and compassinate but I did not see him for anything long term.

    Everyone please keep posting your thoughts and such on this. I feel like a I am learning a lot and things to look for in a good doctor. It is so important to all of us.
  15. treylander1

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    What is the name of the doctor you are talking about in walnut grove?? If you could forward me the name and phone number it would be much appreciated.&lt;BR&gt;
    Thank you in advance
  16. Davidsmith009

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    There is a list of chiropractor in Alabama. I hope it would be helpful.

    2820 veterans memorial dr
    suite 100
    adamsville, AL 35005

    Wood Chiropractic
    1812 28th ave s
    birmingham, AL 35209

    3915 veterans memorial dr ste 102
    adamsville, AL 35005

    Back On Track Chiropractic
    3257 cahaba heights rd
    birmingham, AL 35243