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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenaw70, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Just read a bunch of different post about how doctors matter in SSI cases and now I have to VENT ABOUT MYSELF! LOL

    Back when I was FINALLY diagnosed with fibro, my Rhematoid doctor looked at me and said "Go apply for SSI right away!" At the time I didnt realize the importance of that! I wasnt ready to give up and didnt want to go through that hassle.

    You see my husband has a REALLY bad back (degenerative disc desease)and at that time was still trying to hold on to a job. He had already had one back surgery. To make that story shorter, he ended up being the one to apply for SSI. Since then, he has been FIGHTING TOOTH AND NAIL to get it.

    My complaint to myself ABOUT myself is...
    Why didnt I go for the SSI when I had a doctor supporting me??????!!!!!! I wish I could go back in time, maybe we would never of had to go homeless!

    I no longer see that doctor as I moved from that state.

    Beating head againist wall...
  2. Dee50

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    I have my DO Docotor's support and I still got turned down for SSI. It's a long fight. I'm thankful that the Guai Protocol is reversing my FM. I've got CF/FM. I've been ill a long time and bedridden at times. I owe tons on money on medical bills too BUT we must keep on trucking on that yellow brick road to better health.

    Lena, please keep trying new protocols and looking for ways to help yourself. Just proving to those folks at SSI that we are very ill makes us sicker.
    Take care,

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