Good Doctors/Bad Doctors & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by anakinkaid, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. anakinkaid

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    My best/worst medical encounter was with a head neurologist who had NOT even seen my MRI scan, listened for 5 (maybe) minutes and said, looking at his watch:

    "Well, it's Friday and I have a fishing trip planned. So let's check you into the hospital, run some more tests and see what we find. BUT if we don't find anything, I'll refer you over to the psychologist on staff and maybe he can find something". (Prejudged: all wrapped up nice and easy-and I could hardly stand up/not to mention the pain).

    A fear that something was VERY WRONG swept over me like I have not known before. And what was wrong WASN'T ME! I turned to my husband and said, "This man scares me. Please take me out of here!" And we got up and left.

    The young internist who had sat in on my 'appointment'and had watched all this, ran down the hall of the hospital and caught us at the elevator.

    "Here", she said and handed me the name of another (and better, doctor) that she had quickly written on a torn paper towel.

    "Listen", she said "you ARE sick. Any fool can see that and it isn't made up. Don't stop looking and asking until you get GOOD care. Look up the term 'Myalgic Encephalomyelitis' on the internet." Then she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone had seen her and walked quickly back down the long hospital hall.

    That brave young lady (who, I'm sure, broke some hospital rules that day) probably saved my life by her courage to share and care. So...there are good doctors out there (and bad). It is OUR to know the difference and fight for real (not just easy) medical answers, care and trestment.

    Hang On and Speak Up - Ana
  2. katykat24

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    I'm sorry the doctor was half-arseing his job, but i'm really really happy that the internist was so kind to you.

    I hope the doctor she told you about will help you immensely!

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