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    My good doctors are outstanding in that they have taken the time and made the effort to cross-train themselves in various modalities to help their patients. I value them highly as they have pointed the direction to my considerable improvement in FMS, CFIDS and other stuff.

    I've been taking low dose Naltrexone (LDN) for about five years as part of a larger protocol that includes a number of supplements and this has been very helpful. It took eight years to get an accurate diagnosis of FMS and nearly ten years for the CFIDS.

    Carol Beals, MD.
    4333 W. St. Joe Hwy
    Lansing, MI 48917
    (517) 321-1525

    Family Physicians
    Kathleen Anzicek, DO.
    Mark Leventer, MD
    12337 E Michigan Ave., PO Box 246
    Grass Lake MI 49240
    Phone (517) 522-8403

    Kirk Laman, DO,,template&cpid=15793
    405 West Greenlawn, Suite 400
    Lansing, Michigan 48910
    Phone: 517-483-7550

    And then there is the beneficial CranialSacral Therapy
    Carol Gallentine
    915 Airport Rd., Suite 6
    Jackson MI 49202

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