Good doctors in Ohio or surrounding states?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by formysister, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Hi. I am new to this message board and am on it for my sister who has had CFS for 23 years, since she was 16. She also has autonomic dysautonomy, fibromyalgia, POTS, multiple chemical sensitivities, mitochondrial dysfunction, and is highly allergic to mold. She has gone to multiple doctors in state and out of state. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good doctors in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, PA, Kentucky, WV, or any other nearby states who are knowledgeable in her issues plus possibly the methylation/Yasko/Van Koynenburg protocols. I called Dr. Cheney's office and I am waiting for them to respond with a list of contacts, but haven't heard anything yet. She has not seen Dr. Cheney, but has been to Dr. Lapp and many, many others. I have read many posts on this message board that have been very helpful, so thank you to all of you for sharing your stories. I am praying that someone out there in "cyberspace" can point my sister and I in the right direction. Thank you & God bless you.
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    unfortunately I don't know of any docs in the area where you are asking about, but I do want to write and thank you for trying to help your many of us have so few supportive and understanding people in our lives, bc so many misunderstand this illness, and it is really wonderful that you are trying to help.....I hope that someone else will be able to give you some good suggestions
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    I live in Ohio and travel to Michigan to see Dr. Martin Lerner. He has helped me move forward. I cannot say I am healed from this disease, as I am not sure anyone completely rids themself of this illness. I have moved from a 2 on his scale to a 4 or so.

    You could visit his website at He treats the various infections with anti-virals and antibiotics.

    It is nice that you are helping your sister find a doctor. I wish you well.
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    I would go to the and have her fill out the questionnaire for
    patients. Then I would follow that up with an email to them, requesting
    the name of a dr. who would draw her blood to be tested for XMRV.
    It's possible there is one at the Cleveland Clinic, who was one of the
    partners in the Whittemore-Peterson's stunning finding of this new
    retrovirus in 67% of CFS patients.

    Then I would watch for their opening in the Fall of this year, and ask to
    be put on the list to see them, and get her there for testing and possible
    treatment that takes all of her symptoms and diagnoses into consideration.

    They are on FB and there is an XMRV Global Action site on FB also.

    The U. of M. in Ann Arbor sees many patients with FM and/or CFS; you
    might try calling them, also, to see if you can talk to someone in their
    FM/CFS Clinic. I don't know their treatment/testing protocols, but maybe
    there is help there. I have heard they are very kind to patients.

    The sticky post at the top of this board has zillions of doctors listed by
    patients here; there is a certain way to get doctors names for each
    state (one cannot read them all to find the states needed!), maybe
    someone here can help with that?

    I salute you and send many hugs your way for wanting to help your
    sister regain her health after 23 years of suffering. Many of us here
    are at that point also.

    Has she read 'Mold Warriors" by Shoemaker? Very very good book,
    and he may be a dr. she needs, also.

    Khaly may chime in here and give you more good info; I'll ask her, ok?


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