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    How do I get in good enough condition to go back to work? Is there a specialty I don't know about? My Dr. is uninterested in this. I have been through PT/OT and discontinued due to failure to progress. I have been diagnosed with FM and RA and seem to have flares of one or both most of the time, but would like to figure out what kind of work I can do. I've been told to file for SS since I have been unable to work since Nov. and failed a part time job trial in March. I don't know if the Dr. will back me up in a SS claim. He just prescribes antidepressants at night, and sends me on my way.
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    I totaaly can relate with you. I have been out of a job since October. I cannot see myself realistically doing any job. When you work, your boss requires you to work when scheduled. And with our condition, you cannot plan on when you will have good or bad days. So, I just came to accepting that I cannot work a job. I think that you should find a new doc that will see that you are truly disabled and will help you file for SSID. It is very important. Good luck to you and keep us posted!!

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    same situation here. i found pt did not work for my fm. did he diagnose you? that should be sufficient for him to sign the necessary forms. maybe someone out there can enlighten me on why docs have a problem with this? i had to quit working in nov. also. i was self employed. i have resigned myself (not given up on myself) to not working indefinately. i don't know how to get better. my doc is a gp and found rhuemetologists i saw don't know much more than my doc.

    if you can apply for ss just tell the doc you tried to work and it is not possible at this time. show him your employment records. be forthright, and to the point. tell him your frustration. if you need more than anti-depressants, tell him what you need. i decided some time ago, when i tell the doc what i think we should try, he is open and more responsive if i have done some research on the various meds. after all it's your body. you know what works or not. also, if he is not responsive to your needs seek another! how can a doc be "uninterested". if i thought that, i'd leave in a heartbeat telling him on the way out the door. i had to do that once. you have to be your own best advocate for results. be pushy. if he sees your failure to progress in ot/pt some light should go on. write back, i am interested in your progress as i have been there.
    take care.
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    I have been with this doctor since feb, after the GP's in his clinic tried to treat me, since last December. It is coming up on time to file SS, if I am going to do it, but what if he tells them I can work? He told me to work at a multi-task job, which I did and could not handle (even 3 hours per day 2x a week). I had to beg him for PT/OT. The therapists say I essentially cannot work, but just put the impairments in their reports. He also suggested I take tylenol for the pain, which makes me think he may not be a good doctor. Tylenol does nothing for inflammation and I have RA too. He seems not to care that I cannot tie my own shoes, or open a can of soup.
    I do have a history of flares of FM and swelling joints, from many doctors who never diagnosed (going back about 6 years)anything but FM. Will that help or hinder the SS claim? Does SS send the doctor a questionaire, or simply look at medical records?
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    the reports by the pt dept. are important if they have said you cannot work. the notes of impairments indicate why you are unable to work. i would think that would override your dumb docs advice that you can work. why would he suggest a multi-task job if you have difficulty doing a one task job. sounds like a jerk and not taking your pain seriously as to the tylenol. why did you have to beg for pt? i swear he is the same doc i had. he told me in front of my husband, i wasn't as bad as i thought i was. you aren't in grass valley, ca are you? LOL maybe they went to the same med school. i would go back to him one last time. tell him you need stronger pain meds. if he doesn't take you seriously and you feel slighted, can you go back to another of the you previously saw and let them know what is happening? i was afraid to do this as i thought i was going behind his back in the same clinic. you know sometimes these guys stick together like glue. if you can't do that, i would go to a rhuemotologist. seeing you already have a history of r.a.

    if you have a history of flares of fm etc for 6 yrs in your chart, sounds like that is a good start for ss even tho you haven't been "diagnosed". ss asks for copies of your records, and i'm not sure if they send doc a q.a. thing.
    this is going to take some work and diligence on your part. DO NOT GIVE UP. i have to have to finish this later. i have some more ideas.
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    Just to clarify this was a Rheumatologist in the same clinic as my GP. How much does the doctor provide to ss? I am getting the med records today. I have no idea of his stance on my work ability. If his "opinion" is that I cannot work, yet he never asks what I can and cannot do, how can he make that judgement? I tried to do the work he suggested, and failed. He has never done any functional evaluation, though PT/OT did and I have lots of functional impairments. The PT/OT records show I am unable to work, is that enough for SS?
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    We tear ourselves up inside worrying about working. I was a stay at home mom for most of my marriage. I decided I wanted to do something like a career. Right when I was going to go back to school, the FM came full head. The diagnoses a couple months later. I went to school finished, had several jobs, that I couldnt keep, hold down, fired and let go because of illness due to the Fibro, etc.. ect. I tried Vocational Rehab. Supposedly they try and find work for you that is suitable for your disabilities.
    I can't sit or stand for long periods of time, it brings on spasms, pain. The doctor I go to also charted this in my medical records. VR sent me to school again, for desktop publishing. I been in a flare for a week now, and decided, enough is enough. Can't hold a job for very long.. with the physical condition I am in. I am filing disability. Taking care of myself and then maybe at a later time down the road, I can work again. If not... I will find something satisfying in my life regardless. A job is not the whole you or me.

    I do know having a doctor who charts it all, the physical complaints of fibro, the depression, and charts it well.. Helps alot better in the claim for disability. So been doing that. Maybe go to a different doctor, who will do this. Just anti-depressants.. Its not the whole answer.

    Hope for the best for your situation..

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    the doctor provides all records pertinant to your disability to ss. when you get the records, note his prognosis. he has to notate all, even your verbal comments in your file. my doc writes everything i say (almost) down. my ankles are swollen and when i saw him yesterday i made a remark that "i salt salt". lol. he said "i think i'll write that down". and he did. it was kind of a joke but he jotted it down on my sheet.

    maybe your doc didn't do functional evaluations due to the pt evaluations and/or rhuemy's findings. and i am assuming the pt/ot's evaluations finding you cannot work should be sufficient for ss.

    you need to make another appt. asap. tell him the following:(and when you get home, notate your entire conversation. notes on your part are very important as well when applying for ss) in no particular order:

    1). i am in severe pain and the tylenol is not working. i have done some research on the "immunesupport" web site and
    others are in my same situation and i think i may have FM.
    maybe we could try:.....vicodin (whatever). i need relief and am at the end of my rope.

    2). i cannot work due to my physical limitations and must file for ss. i have tried to no avail. i WANT to work. but cannot at this time. pt/ot has noted my impairments. i need your help. (try appealing to his ego). sometimes these jerks need that. play the game. i know this sounds stupid but it's worth a shot. then start crying LOL.

    what did the rheumy say? if this doc doesn't help, go back to the rheum. or can you find another doc (out of that clinic) or are you tied there by insurance purposes.

    you also can complain to the administration at the clinic if you are getting a last resort. especially if the doc refused to treat your pain. remember, you are your best and ONLY patient advocate. you must push, push, push.
    let us know what your records indicate. maybe he diagnosed you and you aren't aware of it.
    have a great day.... :) try anyway and think POSITIVE! things will start happening.