Good Dr. in NC?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by srcj, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. srcj

    srcj New Member

    Does any one know of a good doctor in NC who will treat fibro? I go to a family doctor but feel like I need to go somewhere else. I've never been to a Rhuemy either. I have been in a terrible flare up since Christmas Legs hurs so bad--like growing up pains only worse! Just need some advice.
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  2. srcj

    srcj New Member

    I live in High Point. That's about 3 hours east of Asheville.
    Thanks, Snoopy
  3. alabamababy

    alabamababy New Member

    I live in Marion N.C. I have fibro and so far I dont respond to the meds and suffer I do. The first rhuemy I went to was Dr.Jill Vargo in Asheville and she was the one that diagnoised me with fibro and started the meds and nothing seemed to be helping so I got a referrel from my family doctor for Dr. Dennis Payne in Hickory they are both good doctors. Good Luck
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  4. ladude

    ladude New Member

    I belive the best Dr. is there, Dr. Cheney.

    There is a waiting list but well worth it.

  5. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Well hey there my southern friend.I have been a NC girl my whole life.
    I see this dr. She practices medcine out of the SMOC in Greensboro.(Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center)SHe stays booked up months in advnace but sometimes you get lucky and get a quick spot.I called often to check on cancelations.And when that didn't help I got in to see my orthopedic dr. and she had me set up for an appt. in no time.I see Dr. Voytek at the same practice.
    Dr. Devashaur treats FM and the many different types of arthrtis.SHe believes in pain managment and good sleep.Big advocate for exercise and also has a small regemnt of vitamins she has you take. If and when you do need pain medication youhave to sign an agreement with her.basically saying you promise to take meds. as perscribe,not abuse.If you need pain meds. from other dr.'s for some other reason let her know about it.SHe keeps tight reiagns on pain meds.Which is good,so many abuse it and really don't mean to.She recommends therapy such as message and other type services at a clinic here in Greensboro.She treats my daughter and myself.Sometimes it is hard to understand her.I think she is from somewhere in India.Very nice lady and compassionate.I highly recommend her.
    Good luck,
  6. srcj

    srcj New Member

    It's so good to hear from others in NC. It helps to know we are not alone.I will be checking these doctors out.

  7. Scarlett65

    Scarlett65 New Member

    I am in Shelby and go to Dr. Louis Delasandroes in Gastonia, NC. He is great but his nurses are not so quick to assist you when you call to see him without an appointment. Once they told me to come on in they would fit me in as they could and then when I got there well before the end of the day they told me he had left for the day. It seems they never told him I was coming in to be treated for a fall I had, unable to walk at all. So I ended up in the ER and we all know what that is like. It was so mean because being unable to walk was difficult to get to the office and just wanted to get there and have him take care of me but it had to get complicated.
  8. damz68

    damz68 New Member

    But I go to Charlotte to see Dr Jemsek. He is an ID doctor who specializes in aids and lyme. If you have fibro symptoms you also have lyme symptoms. He will check you for everything and spend nearly 2 hours with you on your first visit. He does accept all insurance and medicaid.

    I was told Dr. Cheany had cancer and gave up his practice years ago to his partner Dr. Lapp.
  9. srcj

    srcj New Member

    Does any one know where his practice is or has he retired. I would love to get an appointment!

    Hit to all the NC folks!
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    If you find that he is practicing in NC start a thread. I went to a cardiologist last week in Greensboro & took him the 27 pages of Dr. Cheney's protocol about the heart problem. I was shocked that he had heard of him but I was more shocked when he had such a reaction to his name. He said he was just trying to make a lot of money off of sick people. He even told me how he just had a office on a corner across from another doctor & how all of these seemingly healthy people became ill. This man seemed like a very knowledgeable, helpful
    caring doctor but now I don't know if he believes in CFS/FM or just has a very bad opinion of Cheney. He said that there were people that got sick without reason but that I had lots of reason to be sick. LOL I sure hope he can help me but I will not mention Cheney again. He is scheduling me for a echocardiogram. Cheney mentioned that it had to be done in a certain way. He told me there was only one way and his would cost me 14 times less.
  11. srcj

    srcj New Member

    I will check tomorrow and see if I can find out about Dr. Chaney.

    I've had a echo before. They found I have mitro valve prolaspe.
  12. Highlandrose

    Highlandrose New Member

    I've got a fantastic pain specialist. Dr. Tonya Powers at The Pain Center at Gaston Memorial. She's just a dream! Couldn't ask for a nicer, more caring dr. And she's fun! Now how's that for a recommendation??? Her philosophy is "we'll keep trying until we find something that works. Even if it's old, weird, makes no sense. We'll just keep trying". And once you get to know her and she gets to know you she doesn't mind if you do a little dosage tinkering. She figures you live in your body, you live with the pain, you should have a BIG say in how it's handled. And she expects you to speak up! She's the kind of dr you never need to be afraid to ask questions, make suggestions, and work very, very closely with.

    As an example, she has me on Tegretol. Not that far off the beaten path. It's original use was for pain management. Well, as she was increasing my dosage,and I discovered I get a reaction to anything over 300mg a day. So I cut back from 400mg to 300mg and told her at my next visit. Normally you're supposed to take it in even numbered amounts. Not me...and she's perfectly delighted to let me take that weird dosage.

    Dr Powers also has me on Mexiletine. It's for hear myalgia. She figured that since I don't do well on the "latest, greatest thing" maybe this would work. And it does. If something quits working and you've got a clue as to what it is, she expects you to tell her.

    Can you tell I love this woman???? If she ever retires, I'm gonna be one really unhappy camper. On the plus side, she's in her late 30s. No chance of retiring for a long while...I hope.... Oh..and before I forget...her second specialty is Anestesialogy (sp?). Great combo!

    Hope you find someone in your immediate area like Dr Powers. If not, do give her office a call and make the trip. She's well worth it!

  13. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    I go to Dr Wodecki in Statesville. I really like him, but he is busy and does rush in and out. He does all the blood work and xrays in his office. He listens and is sympathetic to our problems. I would suggest him if Statesville is close to you. By the way I am in Wilkes county. It is so good to see others who are close.
  14. srcj

    srcj New Member

    I'm about 1 hour from Statesville. Sounds like it would be worth the trip.

    By the way Snoopy is my Black and White cat. He weighs about 15 lbs and he likes to snoop!!
  15. srcj

    srcj New Member

    I searched his name and found out his practice is in Asheville, NC now. According to his web-site it would be a long waiting list to get in.
  16. 18yrpwc

    18yrpwc New Member

    I am a patient of Dr.Cheney. He just did an echocardiogram on me in November and found many diastolic abnormalities. I'd love to know which cardiologist you saw in Greensboro. I believe the day will come when we can show that the bulk of the medical community is a bunch of arrogant asses who have been wrong about CFIDS for the past 20 years and who have unjustly stigmatized the CFIDS community as a bunch of psychiatric cases instead of daring to admit they do not know the answer.
    In 1986 I was jogging 4 miles 3 times a week and feeling great. In January of 1987, I was hit by a powerful viral illness and have not been able to jog in any meaningful way since. I have told people for 19 years that I cannot jog anymore and their response is "Oh, you are just out of shape." Now with Dr. Cheney I have the answer. Heart trouble. Dr. Cheney is doing an echocardiogram study on CFIDS patients and controls this year. It should be published by year-end. I am hopeful that its results will wake up society and the medical community to the reality of CFIDS.
    I work in Greensboro. Read my wacky bio for more info.

    18yrpwc (scooterhoo)

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