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    Well, I tried. Went to the post about Post Your Good Doctor Here and had to give up the search after 8 pages.

    It seems the system grabbed every post with the words good and/or doctor in the body of the posts and there are just too many to go through at 10 messages per page.

    Hey wasn't there a click-here on the old board having to do with Good Drs? And if there was as I foggily recall, will it be coming here, please?

    It seems that some days before the change-over happened I wrote in to ask about the bare possibility of a good dr in Lake County CA. At that time there was some "talk" about a site called Rate-a-Doc --- no, that's not the right name, I know it, but it's as close as I can recall.

    ANYway if anyone knows what the right name for the rate-a-doc site is, could they tell here, please?


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