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  1. popgun

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    The nuttiest Dr. poll was really good. How about some good stories,I'm sure there are some.
  2. selma

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    They're soo rare that they probably put them in museums.
    Hence, not too many replies.
  3. VickyB

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    I have a good doctor since moving to the Washington area. He is very nice and willing to try new medications. He has been a godsend and I am very thankful for him.
    Sincerely, Vicky
    PS Since moving to Washington, my new doctor took me off of all medications that I was on from Texas and I am doing better!!
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  4. LauraLea

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    After I had a run-in with my Rheumy, I went back to my primary doctor and told her to give me a new referral. She asked if she could treat my FM. I told her I don't want to hear that if I take pain pills it will make me an addict. She calmly told me that the first thing we need to do is get your pain under control.

    You know, ever time I see her she actually sits down and has a conversation with me. It's amazing when you compare a good dr to a bad one.....

    Great poll
  5. evileva

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    I normally agree that good and doctor should not be used in the same sentence.(LOL) But i can actually say that I have found a good one in Tucson. I was impressed with the first meeting so I am hoping that this is going to be THE one.
  6. epicurean

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    My PCP is ia great,plus he sent me to Pain Managment Spec.,who I call the man of my dreams.Cannot tell you how good I feel since seeing him since last April!!Sometimes I feel like a "normal" person.
  7. Annette2

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    I've been extremely fortunate! My family doctor, rheumatologist, dermatologist, podiatrist, gynecologist, optometrist - they're all good. If I didn't like any one of them, I would leave and find someone else. So far, I haven't had to do that.

  8. joannie1

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    I have never met a more caring and down to earth Doctor in my life. She is the best. When all this began with me she took control totally. She stood up to case management, then on work comp. Called the gal and let her have it and said you will work UNDER me, i will do the referrals from here on out. She has told me with every visit that she is with me 100%. We will fight this until someone will help get things on track. She has in my records all kinds of articles she has found and throws them in my chart for future references. When she does a referral and it doesn't work she just says well, we tried at least now on to something else, we can't get discouraged she always says. She does the pep talks to help me I think deal with so much negativity from the others.

    I call her my Doctor with wings because she is just that. She is always always there for me. However she is very conservative with meds and will not broaden her margins on the things we have used much. But I would never do anything to ruine this that we have either. She has kept me sane and going through this DD. I be sure to thank her each year for her committment to me and my family with flowers or a card to say thank you. I don't know when Doctor's day is so I just do it in the summer because to me all good Doctors need to be recognized and thanked for their committment and their big hearts that they give to us. I'd be lost without her to be honest.
  9. 2girls

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    My doc sound exactly like yours. Great to talk to, good bedside manners but knows little about fm. Not even sure he believes it exists (I was diagnosed by one of his collegues).

  10. cmcm

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    I was wondering if anyone lives in NH, and could recommend a good doctor in the Nashua/Manchester area. I had one last year, but in less than 6 months she had left the practice. No explaination as to her leaving was given either.

  11. joannie1

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    She always tells me that i give her too much credit but I only give credit when credit is due. We have had our crying sessions together, she tears up right with me. She is open with me about her family and the problems they have had and what worked for them She will be totally back logged but she will stay at the office until 7:00-8:00 talking to me about the things I have called in about. she is the best and i am greatful. Like I said I feel that they do need that credit and they need to be told by us. I think we all enjoy being praised for a job well done at work or anything else and Doctors are no different. She always says Joannie it is people like you that keep me going.
    Gotta love her.
  12. AnnetClo

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    Ness told me about this doc and he's everything she said and more. He listens, really listens. And I know that because he asks intelligent questions about what I've told him. He even sat down and went through the fibro notebook I took with me and we talked about a couple of the articles. He understands that the pain is real and that the first order of business is to get the pain under control. He started out conservatively on the first visit but as soon as I called his nurse (who actually calls you back when you leave a message for her) to say the Darvocet wasn't working he was quick to try something stronger. One of the things I like is that he's closer to where I live than the last doc I saw, but even if he wasn't I would still drive as far as I need to. And his office is open til 8 PM several nights a week and Ness told me this morning that they're also open on Saturdays. I wish we could clone him and send the clones to all of you so you could experience his compassion.

  13. layinglow

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    I have a fantastic Dr. that specializes in FM, CFS, and Chem. Sensitivities. He is exceptional; a wonderful listener, very thorough, stays abreast of the latest research, very knowledgeable about RX meds,supplements, and alternatives, and the various systems that go down with these disorders, willing to experiment to find the best individual treatment for each patient, compassionate in regards to pain. He is very cost conscious which is great since I am uninsured. He even has phoned me when I had probs with new meds. Not only is he a doctor, but I feel like an advocate for me in my quest for wellness. ALL of his office staff is wonderful, too!
    Anyone who resides in the Central Texas area, would benefit from seeing him.
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