Good Evening Linda Terri

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by omeeomy, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Just checking in to see how you both are.

    Sister got to come home yesterday. I'm trying to start some spring cleaning. I guess i'm just wanting to rush in spring. I'ts takes time for me to do things. I'm on a roll since i've helped my neice so i'm trying to keep it going.

    Give me a hello & let me know how things are going with you.

  2. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    It's good to hear your hello- glad to hear that your sister is home now. I'm with you- I want spring to come!

    The last couple of days have been really busy and I've barely had time to get on here. Maybe things will slow down a bit now.

    My boys enjoyed their winter campout with the Scouts and didn't complain of cold- mostly drippy snow inside their igloo. They came home with wet wool pants and a wet down coat....not a pleasant outfit to wear! But they had a good time.

    Linda- I hope you are doing well.....I have a friend who will be in Phoenix next week....maybe you'll see each other and not know it (why would you?)

  3. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Was wondering if you are ok. I haven't posted much lately.

    Terri glad you & your family are ok. I'm your family are doing ok i know you stay busy with them. I haven't got to see my grandkids since the week after Christmas---i know you haven't saw yours for a long time. I understand you are going in May when the new baby comes. Do you know what it is yet? I hope to suprise mine Easter Sunday & slip in at their church. My son doesn't come home until Friday since he's on this new crew.

  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Yes, they know it's another girl, and they are delighted. Seems my SIL is practical, so he is happy to have a baby who won't need a lot of new clothes! They are all looking forward to the new baby. She is due May 20th, but we won't get to go until sometime in June....but we have our tickets. We are taking the twins with us, so they are looking forward to that too!

    Linda- drop us a line when you can....hope your tailbone is feeling better!

    I transplanted some iris today and it felt good to get it done. It cooled off again, so I'm glad to get something done while I could.

    Take care, you two!
  5. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Linda: checking in to see if you are ok. I've been looking to see if you have any posts lately----couldn't seen to find any if you see this let me know if you are ok.

    Terri: im sure you are busy---famlies always keep us Moms----busy. How's your sons job going now? I was looking this week in Fairbanks in the Cam you could see the ground some. We went to visit Sunday with our grandkids. We got up real early & drove 2hrs so we could be in church with them. We suprised them. We all went out & eat dinner together & then spent some time together talking. My son said it was so cold in Prudehoe,Bay this time it was hard to stand.

    Until later---Blessings---Shirley

  6. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi Shirley-
    My son had to quit his job in just over a week of working....he had horrible allergies and was literally sick from working with all of the hay. It is a hay export company, and I was hoping it might work with a lot of Zyrtec and a good mask. But it didn't, so he had to quit. He has an interview on Friday- say a quick prayer for him, OK?

    Easter was spent taking care of a sick of the twins. They also had their birthday last weekend, and it was not fun being sick for it. But he's definitely doing better today.

    Take care, friends!
  7. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    So good to hear from you. Sorry i didn't see your post about your tailbone. So gooood you are doing better. I would love to be where your are in that good warm weather. Today was warm day for us in the 60s. My sister is doing well--i stayed with her last Friday. I had a good Easter spent the day with my kids at church then out to lunch--the rest of the day with some down time just talking to them. Son just got home Friday. My oldest just sold his home last week & has moved near to us again & is doing well. Trees have just begin to bub out just a tiny bit. No flowers yet. So thankful you are on your way to recovery. How is your son & girlfriend?

    Terri: how all are felling better now. I know with kids & grandkids there is always something going on to keep us busy but what a blessing.

    Until another time.

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  8. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Hope all is well

    Linda, hope you are up and about now.

    Terri, June is comming arounng the bend.

    I have been busy--spent Wed thru Thur with my sister. She is getting all over the house now in her electric chair--they are a wiz. The weather here is rain,high winds & cold. But i'm still looking for spring around the corner. Bought me two new rose bushes. I don't seem to have any luck with them--but i'm trying again.

  9. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Shirley- I think it's great that your sis has a power chair. My dad has applied for one and hasn't gotten it yet. He is saving it for runs to the mailbox, while he will use his wheelchair in the house. They don't have a van to take it places yet (I don't think he's ready to do that yet) but he's looking forward to getting outside more. I hope he gets his soon.

    Linda- I know you've been feeling poorly lately. I'll say a prayer for your health this weekend and trust that you'll start feeling better soon.

    Shirley- my son got a job! He is a steward at a resort and we helped him get a used car so he could get to work. He LOVES his car! It is good on gas and has a good radio, which is important to him. He is quite busy now, which is good- he really needed a job to help with his depression.

    I'm not planting anything yet- waiting for it to warm up a few more degrees.
    Take care,
  10. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Glad your son has a job & a car. I remember when my sons got their cars. They all got used cars & was just as proud of them as if they were new. My oldest was in college for 2yrs before we could afford him one. I had all 3 at one time on my insurance---boy was that hard.

    My sister electric chair is great she only uses it in the house we don't have anything to take it anywhere. I have a van but it's to big. She also has a regular wheel chair for other things.

    Linda, hope your will chime in soon. The weather is rain & cold here is't slowly warming up some.

    Good Night~~~~~Blessings~~~~Shirley
  11. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Just saying HELLO tonight. Sat it was in the 70s today in the 30s rain & snow flurries. I haven't been doing much this past week just what i had to.

    My son went back to Alaska Wed. he has a back problem & not feeling to good. My oldest son & girlfriend came to visit yesterday(Sun). They have gotten engaged in the last 2wks. they didn't set a date yet. Grandchildren are on spring break this week.

    Hope all is doing well for both of your families.My husband is ancious to plant some flowers but can't--due to frost the next two mornings.


  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Good to hear from both of you-

    Shirley- how nice for your son and his fiancee- always nice to get good news.
    I hope your weather warms up. I have only planted a few pansies outside, but lately it has turned windy, so I'm waiting to have some calmer weather. I put some geraniums and fuschia in the greenhouse. I think they like it there!

    Linda- thanks for asking about my neck. It is still very sore, so I'm heading to the chiropractor today. I hope he has a magic sounds like you need a magic wand too! I hope you continue to get better.

    We are planning to go to the restaurant that my son works at tonight with my BIL. He is here visiting a few days only, so we'll go when our son gets off so he can sit with us. This will be his sixth day in a row working, without a day off. I think he'll be ready for his day off!

    Take care,

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