good fm doc in ohio

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  1. rhonda357

    rhonda357 New Member

    i live in dayton ohio and i need to find a good doc for my fm any ideas?
  2. Shirl

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    Hi Rhonda, welcome to the board. We do have a 'Doctor Referral' link at the top of this board in that dark blue strip. They are listed by states. Also you can call;
    FM Network at; 1-800-853-2929 for a referral too.

    I do know we have members here from Ohio, but not sure if they are from Dayton.

    If so, they will be along to share with you.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. wle

    wle New Member

    Circleville. He is a GP but has several FM patients and is soooooooooooo good to listen. He will also refer you to apecialists you may need to see. No put downs. I love him. If you are interested in traveling that distance - it would be what - about an hour and a half for you let me know and I will briefly put up my e mail so we can get information back and forth with out taking up space on this site. I am at work but will try to monitor this post for the next half hour or so. WLE
  4. wle

    wle New Member

    you will want to remove it from the post. I will email you in a little while. I am getting busy here at work. wle
  5. Mrs. B

    Mrs. B New Member

    I see a great doc just 15 min. south of Cincinnati. It'd be a little drive for you but, she's definately worth it. I went to several before I found her. She listens, has great opinions and options and most important she has me feeling better. If you want her address just let me know.

  6. kristaemoser

    kristaemoser New Member

    Hey, I guess it is a small world huh? Well my family Dr. is Dr. Mesker. He really tried to help me for about 8 months and had some test run to rule out other things. He then sent me onto several specialists. Not as trying to get rid of me, just trying to help me get some relief and he had run out of ideas. I now go to the Ohio Institution For Comprehensive Pain Management. Dr. Mervet K. Saleh. She is on Alex Bell Road in Centerville. I like the fact that she is a woman, but she is hard to understand. I would not say she is the best, but she is really trying to help me. Most of my pain is in the pelvic floor muscle and I have spent over a year on pain meds. I was taking Vicaprofen for almost 8 months and when I went to see her she put me on the Duragesic patch. I really hate having to take the pain medication but without it I would be on disability. She also did trigger point injections on my back and it really helped the outside skelitin (sp) muscles. She also gave me lydocaine patches and they help any muscle flair ups. I would recommend her, but be patient. I went to the Miami Valley Pain Clinic and was not impressed although I have heard some good things about them they were not from FM people. Well good luck and do not hesitate to e-mail me. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands. Take care! Krista
  7. rhonda357

    rhonda357 New Member

    I take it you live here around dayton. would love to talk to u on phone. my phone is 259-1970. please call me and thanks soooo much for info.
  8. kristaemoser

    kristaemoser New Member

    Hey Rhonda, I will call you soon. I have not been on the network again since the last time I entered. I was just thinking about joining a support group around here. I had heard of one but cannot find the information. I am sure I can find it again. It is just one of those things that if you have not experienced it there is no way you could understand. I am tired of pharmacist looking at me like I am a drug addict. My friends and family have been supportive but I am sure they talk behind my back. My husband has just now come around to not thinking I am crazy. My Mom begs me to get off of the drugs, but offers me no other directions or help. I told her if she really wanted me off she would offer to pay for biofeedback, myofacial release and massage therapy. She has not said a word since. Anyway, we will talk soon. I work downtown and live North of town up by Englewood but not quite in it. Are you close?
  9. Twain1973

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    Hi Rhonda,

    I am also from Dayton (Kettering to be exact). I have been to many doctors around here and maybe could save you some time on who to avoid. The best specialist I have found is in Cincinnati (Dr. Hal Blatman). He is about 40 minutes away, but well worth the drive. He has a web site - just seach using his name. I am just starting to actively seek out medical help and support groups in this area. I am aware of a support group that meets at the Wright Memorial Library in Oakwood. They meet monthly. If you would like -feel free to email me (same name at

    Happy Birthday! (I checked out your profile )

    Good Luck!
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  10. kristaemoser

    kristaemoser New Member

    Hey Guys lets get together soon! Rhonda I called your number and left a message. I really need to go to a support site or something. Give me a call or send me an e-mail. I look forward to talking to either one or both of you. E-mail to this response and I will try to find a way to get my number to you without publishing it on the message board. Hope you both are doing well. I am having a melt down and could use some support or just someone who understands. A good vent would do me good!!!