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    I really just cannot put into words how elated Iam right now!

    I was so sure that I would be very sad tonight and have to write bad news on this update to you all.


    It was actually a "victory" for us! :) "YAY" "HIP HIP HOORAY"!

    I cannot take a smile off of my face..........I guess i didn't realize just how sad I have been lately until tonight when I feel like TWO sacks of bricks have been taken off of my back!

    This is kind of please bare with me!

    I got to the courthouse and tried to get cleared through the metal detector.......but I had a cell phone with a camera so I had to walk all the way back to my car which was parked very far away!

    I got all the way back and tried again.......the lady said to me " I need to check your cell phonee to see if it has a camera in it.................I said " I put it in my car"

    Then she said well there is one in your purse still!
    I had forgotten I had my sons cell phone with me too! So..............back to the car again..........."UGHHH" I get all the way to the car and noticed they forgot to give me my car keys that went through the detector in a seperate container..................

    so I had no way of opening my car unless I went back "AGAIN" so I said to myself forget it I will hide the phone under the wheel well and hope no one see's me and takes it!

    All the while Iam thinking maybe I shouldn't be in the court room for some reason??????

    Well............I finally made it in and just as I sat down they called my sons case..........the judge asked my son if there were anythings he disagreed with that the mediator had suggested in her report and my son said "just that I want to be able to see my son more"!

    The judge asked the mom of cohen and her attorney if they wanted it graduated for visitation and they said "yes" then he went on to the name change..............

    He asked cohens mom if she would agree to a name change and she said "NO way".........the judge then said well how about a hyphen added and she said "NO" the attorney started in on how my son does not have his fathers name and so Cohen should not have to have his fathers name!

    The judge again asked what the problem would be for a hyphen added and she said only if it were my sons fathers last name ( which is not my sons last name) so my son spoke up and said "your honor my last name is -----------, the judge then said " the childs last name will be -------,--------- so Cohen now has my sons last name added to his last name! "YAY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then he told my son he and Cohens mom have to take a co parenting class together and my son made a face because he doesn't want to be exposed to her since she is obviously mentally unstable and only knows how to create problems!

    He said " I can tell by the look on your face you do not want to do this but both of you need to grow up and learn to communicate since you will have to do it for the next 18 years!

    My son told the judge he already has enrolled himself in parenting classes but the judge said he still has to attend the class with Cohens mom ( I have no doubt that Cohens mom is loving the fact that she will get to spend a day with my son) but it will not lead to what she is probably hoping!

    Then here comes the BEST part!

    My son once again asks for more time with Cohen and Cohens moms attorney starts in " This guyy never wanted anything to do with this baby........blah blah blah blah........before she could get another word out the judge yelled at her " I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THIS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I almost got in trouble because I was so happy that I said "YES" kind of loud and the baliff was looking to see who said it! "woops"! LOL

    All the lies and slander that she ( cohens mom wrote about us to the court) was taken off! When we rebutted her we also added how Cohen has been subjected to intoxicated people in her family/ home three times just that we are aware of ...............I guess her attorney must have told her that her tactic wasn't going to float since she is the "ONE" exposing Cohen to alcohol and drunks!

    She also eliminated the slander against my fibromyalgia and my sons "aspergers" but Iam still upset she even tried!

    She clearly wasted $4000.00 dollars on this attorney! LOL LOL LOL LOL!

    I know GODS hands were in this for sure..........for I and everyone I know prayed for GOD to see the truth and lead the judges decisions according to the TRUTH and the hearts that sincerely and honestly just want to love Cohen and truly make his life better! son still only gets Cohen for 2 hours twice a week ........but they go back in 4 weeks and the judge said they will talk about "Thanksgiving and Christmas" when they come back!"YAY"~~~~~~

    Cohens mom is asking that we cannot have "ANY" holidays at all right now! ( my gut feeling is that she will nOT prevail at this! Isn't that selfish?!

    I could just tell that the judge wanted to give my son so much more but the rules are strict when the babies are still small and Cohen is only 6 months ( today in fact) !

    I now have so much hope where I had none!

    I really think that my son handled himself GREAT and I think the judge was impressed with how he looked and acted!

    In fact one of the other people sitting near us leaned over to my son and said "you did GREAT and you WILL get everything you want..just do what the judge told you to do"!

    I think this person has been in this court room before or maybe she was an angel "HMMMMMM"

    Iam just so happy ..............I must be patient .........but one year from now my son will be able to have "joint custody"! and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

    I do have one question for everyone Cohens moms requests she asked that Cohen not be allowed to come to my house until "she herself" has inspected my home................I told my son that she is absolutely no way coming into my home to inspect it!

    I will allow anyone else who is NOT related to her including CPS to come in an look .....but because of all the slander and lies she has made against my family I feel that she is incapable of of making an honest and fair fact Iam sure she would make something wrong even if it werent!

    Does this seem reasonable ???????? Trust me I have nothing to hide I just do NOT trust her at all!

    Thanks for all of you who prayed and supported me today was a true victory even if it is small baby steps at least it is going in the right direction!

    Thanks for reading my longggggggggg post and for sharing my joy!

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    Oh Doxy! I am so happy for you! I knew the court would see the craziness of the family defaming you and your son. The truth and justice do usually always prevail.

    On her inspecting your home, I would say yes, let a neutral party come and inspect the home, but no way is this vindictive person evaluating my home. Demand they let someone else do it who is not prejudiced against you. Good luck hon. Keep us up to date.
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    I am so happy for you and your son. Just be patient and everything will work out.

    The mother has alot of growing up to do, and is so influenced by her stupid mother. If her mother has a brain, she would stop and consider what is best for Cohen.'

    It is like she is just in competetion to be the only one calling the shots. Her daughter needs to take the high road but seems incapable because of her mother's advice.

    One day I think she will wake up and tell her mother to butt out. Yes, they wasted their money on the attorney.

    Once your son was sure he was Cohen's father, he stepped up to the plate, what more can they expect?

    It was meant little Cohen came in this world, he is a blessing for your son and always will be. Hopefully his mother will love him enough to step aside and let his father have a close relationship with him.

    A big hug for you!!!!!

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    Iam happy that you agree with me in regards to her inspecting my home!

    I just do NOT trust this girl and I never will again!

    I put myself out there and tried with ALL of my heart and soul............she abused my true spirit, my character, and hurt me in ways I've never been so hurt before............................................

    I always know how to forgive and Iam very good at it.........but with her I will NEVER forget!

    Thanks for your support and friendship.................write me when you can i really miss you!;)

    Love you always
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    continued prayers for you your grandson adn family

  8. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    That means so much to me!

    Thank you for always caring about me and for showing it!

    I know you are right.............this is one of the hardest roads I've ever been down in my life........I love little Cohen more than I can put into words..........

    Cohens mom and her mother, are STILL on the " he didn't want anything to do with this baby until he was made to pay child support" kick!

    When my son gets joint custody ( which will take a little longer) he says that he will NOT take any money from Cohens mom even though she makes more than him and he would actually qualify for "her" to pay child support to him!

    It is NOT about "money" for my son! It never has been! he loves that baby and it is so beautiful for me to see the two of them together................he is already such a GOOD daddy!

    and one more thing...................... LOL you would be "flabergasted" LOL if you saw how Cohen responds to my son! I swear that he knows it is his DADDY........he will stare at my son until he looks at him and when my son looks at him ................his eyes sparkle, his face lights up and his smile is bigger than big~

    That is a Mothers true joy to see! ( for me )

    Thank you again and always for being here for me....

    Love and hugs
  9. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    It is your prayers and the prayers of everyone, who has turned this thing around...................... and I thank you and everyone who has continued to pray and help GOD to hear the changes that truly needed to be made here!

    He has listened, he has heard and he has responded!

    Thank you so much for praying and for caring!

  10. 69mach1

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    now for the inspection part....i would say yes she has the right to know where cohen is staying and personally inspect the well....

    she can even do a wellness check...just call the police.....

    but your son has the exact rights as she does....but does your son live w/you? if he doesn not live w/you then what is the point of coming over to your home...there is nothing that states that your young man must live w/mom and dad until cohen is 18 years old...

    she is reaching for things right now....

    your best bet is just do everything by the i said child exchanges still could be made at the police station and all your son needs to do is give her a place he is taking cohen...maybe it will be a movie theater or to play in the park...or take him for a dr check up...who knows..

    but i would get ahold of legal aid again...they will tell him what her rights are as far as coming into your home..

    i feel a restraining order coming toward your son's way...not that he will deserve it...but i don't trust the little mommy....

    that is what the co-parenting therapy is get rid of all the courts waste of time...and taxpayers money and i guess little momma's as well..

    these judges have seen all kinds of people come and go out those me...little momma better stay in her place...and learn to let go of cohen's dad and cohen visits with dad....

    she seems just like the type my exhb has been with in the past...and this was over our son cody...the last little witch filed false reports to cps...i think told you all abou t that...

    your son could demand for child exchanges at police station until things calm down and they as the judge said it not me saying this grow up...i personally think the little momma needs to grow up...

    my god, if i could've had someone take cody for every other weekend and more i would've loved it...when he was a baby....i could've gotten some rest...but i was married to a coastie...and no family in this state... legal aid first and take it from there...

    i have been told that both parents should be allowed to see what living conditions the child will be residing in....

    for safety factors only...

    i am doing homework and i just was getting frustrated...

    and i am i believe i should just go to bed and figure the rest out in the morning..i need sleep so so badly

  11. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Judges see and hear from the trash all the time. I felt it would be victory for your son and baby. None of you are trying to doctor the facts, just honest facts. Great news.

    May the Blessings continue...........Susan
  12. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    thanks sooooooooooo much!

    I think "my son" is the one who should get the restraining order on her!

    She acts like everything is ok and behind the scenes she is plotting her next poisonious move!

    Iam going to try my very best to leave this in GODS hands for I truly feel like he performed a miracle today!

    He knows my heart, my sons heart, my families hearts and he knows we are genuine and true...............

    I also know he knows who's hearts are not straight!

    All morning I prayed for justice...........but mostly I prayed that GOD will soften this girls heart and take away her pain...........for Iam smart enough to know that ...............that is what is compelling her so strongly to do cruel things to us!

    I hope you get some rest ..........and congratulations on your new schooling! That is great you are doing something for "YOU" Jodie!

    It's about time!:)

    Love you
  13. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    I may have never met you, but it is wonderful to see the joy in your writing. Congratulations to your son and your family.

    I went through the same situation with my husband when we first married. His ex-girlfriend was just terrible, even hiding his son from him. We tracked them down and took her to court. She made up the most vicious, horrendous lies. Court made us both so sick, we always felt like we wanted to throw up when it came time to go. I'm sure you know that feeling. The great thing is that with much persistence and not being the ones to do any mud-slinging, we finally prevailed. She even tried to move him to Alaska and we were able to block that. It was so hard to sit there and listen to her and her lawyer spew things from their mouths which were so completely untrue. And, here we have our lives in the hands of a judge and mediation counselors that we did not even know. But, the judge ultimately saw through the lies and we have had joint custody for over 10 years now.

    Guess what? She finally grew up and we only live about a mile apart now and our families get along. With a lot of praying and hoping, it all turned out fine.

    Our counselor, we had to get counseling to get through it, once told us-just because she says it, doesn't make it true. We so feared that the judge would believe her, but the truth prevailed. We had to stop letting everything she said drive us crazy and just live our lives.

    I hope you and your family continue to have success and happiness with your beautiful grandson!

  14. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Fabulous advice and so true! No one, especially the children, will ever benefit from continued fighting. If there is peace to be made, once one person starts it, hopefully it eventually rubs off on everyone else. :)
  15. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    I do understand and I know you are right............I do have it in my heart to get along with everyone for Cohens sake................... is going to take another of GODS miracles to soften their hearts and change their unhealty ways!

    Right now I need so badly for a break, to heal, and take a few deep breaths................I have been so battered by them and I have done nothing but TRY TRY TRY!

    It is going to be a little while before Iam ready to try to put myself out there..............because right now I know they are NOT trustworthy!

    For me "YES" Iam willing to do ANYTHING to make Cohens life better and more enriched I do agree completly with you and I have always believed myself that this is and always has been all about Cohen!

    I told her mom ( other grandmother) that( how this is about cohen) and she said "no this is about us"! That was when we were still talking!
    That is their mentality and that is exactly why they do the things they do " because it is about them and NOT Cohen!

    I respect what your saying and I agree ........I do not think you are crazy at all and I appreciate what you have said here!

    When Ashley was born and his Dad left me for another woman................I was the bigger person I hated that he loved someone when I still loved him............but for my son I always allowed both of them to take my son whenever they wanted to.............

    I even made friends with his wife fact we became best fo friends and Ashleys dad used to get mad because her and I were so close! LOL

    So, my point is my heart is in the right place and yes I am very capable of doing exactly what you are suggesting........I just think GOD needs to do a little work on their hearts before the time is right to move in and try!

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and for truly wanting what is best for my precious little Grandson!

    Love you
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    the good news.

    Granny's idea re: a video camera sounds like a good idea.
  17. 143alan

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    Congratulations Doxy, your situation was in my prayers all day. I have to get ready for work but wanted to pop in and check to see what had happened. My suggestion about the home inspection: Here we have the judge to order a home check through DCS (CPS). We often have one side or the other wanting to "check out" the home, but if either party does it and something were the "be found" or come up later (not suggesting any application to you, just an example)the findings are biased and can't be used and usually opens up a whole new can of worms. Also have seen cases where a person "planted" things in a home and then called police. Anyway, all I'm saying is to take this in baby-steps. I gotta run but will try to check when I get home from work. I feel like I have so much I want to say, which is really crazy since I'm sure you get so much input from everyone and you've probably been talking to everyone for a long time and you don't know me. Have an awesome day, I'm sure you feel like your load is a little lighter.
  18. angeljoe

    angeljoe New Member

    Thank God for this little miracle. He had it in his hands the whole time.

    I am so happy for you, and your son!
  19. onlythestrong

    onlythestrong New Member

    And your family.You see good things come to those who wait!
    I couldn't be happier for you.
    Take Care,
  20. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Can i say this? "praise the Lord"!!!! See the judge knew what was going on and How well your son Handled Him self say's alot about him as a person!!....................................And you as his parent!!..........................................I'm so so Happy for you both and for Baby Cohen!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs,,,,,,,,,,,,,sydney

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