Good Grief is it 108 for the LOUNGE already!

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    Those who are ailing, we are thinking of you!!

    Hugs and Kisses and want you to know you are thought of!!

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    Love the thoughts of casual and formal wedding combos.Painting rooms by imagination you know I'm in for that!

    I don't know that you can change back to who huz thinks you were Linda.My huz wants me to do projects but not overdo so I'm down for a week from doing it.I just look at him and say it's not going to happen.That's our reality.

    Oh news,the house is on the market officially.Realtor says to carry on but the house is fine as is.He convinced huz of this as I sat silent.We'll keep doing the projects but someone might buy and end my misery.I feel bad for huz though.He has had an unrealistic price in mind for our house all along and was horrified at my estimates.Well my estimates were right on target in this economy.It's still a good price if your being practical.
    Now the part I detest.Strangers going through my house!Having to leave as parades of people come in and out of my house and keeping it neat and tidy everyday in case a call comes in for viewing.Linda kill me now right?

    It will happen as it happens.At least I won't be here to hear them pick apart my home.In my imagination potential buyers are touring my home and I'm laying in my bed having a bad day and screaming at them to shut the door as they attempt to peer into the master bedroom.

  3. spacee

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    Having ppl daily go through your (or my) house. Yes,kill me now.

    I find that only one of us is logical at our home. Example. While in Jacksoville,
    Huz goes down the "happy memory lane" of making breakfast for the
    kids 'all the time'. No one answered. Why. Because THAT never happened.
    He did it 4 times, annually. And that was only cause it was insisted that he
    not play golf, AGAIN, on Cmas morn.

    I am already over the actually wedding. Well, I hope it is what DS and DIL tone
    want BUT, it already isn't. Cause it is the wedding her MOTHER wants. If
    I spend a lot of it out in the car with my brother's dog. So be it. Later we will
    laugh about it. Much later. Years later. Should I live so long :)

    Mikie is THE expert at figuring out what her body is say. Really. I do applaud
    you for that. We learn from you!

    As well as Leah and Pam. Pam, we learn that our life could be worse. We could be
    moving LOL And Leah is a learned person,so we just absorb what she writes and
    we learn!

    Will see if I sleep tonite. I knew I was up a lot last nite but I had no idea that I had
    eaten my little Hagen Das for the week! I searched through the small amount of
    garbage we have and there it was. I guess it was very tasty!

    Might try visualizing something being done here later. The only thing about that is
    while I feel very good about my accomplishments for several hours. Today, things
    seem worse (shabbier) around here than usual. :) Or maybe it is too much clutter
    after watching HGTV.

    Oh, and, yes, we think we saw our little gator down in the little lake by the grocery
    store! Maybe he needed a snack. There are several little bitty lakes around here and
    I guess he wanted to get "out" for a while!

    Love you kids,


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    Just back from walking Zipper. The lilies of the Nile are in bloom.
    Like so many flowers of CA, I never saw them till I moved here.
    Back in MN my mother had lilies of the valley. Neither one looks
    anything like an Easter or day lily.

    Freida, I hope you achieve your illusive goals. One of my
    favorite songs is My Elusive Dreams. Oops! Gordoni just
    got home. Have to put this on hold for a while.

    Anyhoo said song was a big hit for Tammy Wynette back in the
    60s. In the 50s and 60s we had great music. Now we have rap
    and hip hop. Gosh. I sound just like an old person.

    And Pam. I can hear the dialog at Pam's house now.

    Realtor: We just dropped in to look at the house.
    Prospective buyer: I just love the colors.
    Pam: Nice to meet you. Now get out!

    Mikie, please postpone peptide potions pending potential
    positive possibilities.

    Linda, how "tame" is that gator? I think crocidilians are
    fascinating. When I moved here over 40 years ago, there
    was an alligator farm right across the street from Knott's
    Berry Farm. Their biggest gator was almost 20 feet long
    and weighed and estimated 1400 pounds. Not something
    you'd want to hand feed.

    Well, it was a busy day w/ the usual chores and trips to
    the library and market. I bought some turkey sausage. Gordon
    hates turkey, but will eat chicken feet. As the Scotts used to
    say, "There's naught so queer as folk. (That's where that TV
    show got its name.)

    Hope you all sleep well, have pleasant dreams and wake up full
    of energy. (I also hope to win the lottery and find the fountain
    of eternal youth. Ha Ha!)

  5. Mikie

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    Is like walking through a garden of friendly delights. Even when we are sick or having other problems, we keep on going and keep our sense of humor.

    Pam, I'll be gad when the house is sold and you guys can stop stressing over keeping it perfect and having strangers walk through. Most people looking will open closet doors and peek in the bathrooms but do not disturb personal things. The realtors make sure they don't get into your things. Still, I know it's a pain. Just keep focused on the desired outcome; this is just what it takes to get there. I used to say, "Keep your eyes on the prize."

    Linda, I'm laughing already at the picture of you and the dog out in the car. I'd almost always spend time with a nice dog than a horde of people when I'm not feeling well. Even when I'm well, I don't take to crowds--too much noise and confusion. How much Klonopin does it take to get through something like this? Thank you for your kind words. I'm no expert except when it comes to my own body and what is going on. Still, my body surprises me sometimes and I don't know what is going on. What is going on now is Herxing, again! My body is trying to get rid of this cold. When I started the Acyclovir and started using the zapper, the cold symptoms stopped dead in their tracks. Now, all I have is the nausea, headaches and diarrhea from hell. Whine, whine, whine. I don't want to take any chances with the injection and will wait until I'm sure this is over before I reschedule.

    Leah, I keep praying for healing for you. I know all too well what it is like to live with these illnesses for prolonged periods. You are such an inspiration to us all. You aren't in denial but bear your down times with so much grace. I've read a few things about using visualization to help us "reprogram" our brains. It's kinda like playing "pretend" when we were kids. I used this, without knowing it, growing up. My Mom raised me by herself. It wasn't easy. I was aware that we had to manage our money but I never felt poor. I used to watch TV and read magazines. I pretended that my friends and I were wealthy world travelers. I looked at the expensive things in the magazines and allowed myself one thing per page. Just feeling that I could "own" these things made me feel secure and wealthy. As a result, I think my brain was programmed for prosperity and plenty. Funny, I still do that today. I watch the Q or HSN and choose those things I would "buy." I choose things from magazines just as I did as a kid. I really don't need any of these things nor do I need to own them in reality. Just having them in my pretend scenarios is enough. I don't feel as though I'm wanting for anything. In fact, I'm not. I have the basics in life, the things which count.

    Rock, I envy your being in CA. The many visits there impressed me because of the beautiful flowers I saw. You can grow a lot of things which just won't do well here. Yes, FL is beautiful but so is CA. In CO, our summers were so short, it once snowed in June, that it was over before we knew it. I always had a bit of depression knowing that it was so fleeting. I loved fall and winter too but we had virtually no spring and summer was way too short. IMHO, CA has it all. Of course, there is smog and traffic, but if one knows where to live, it can be wonderful. You have your earthquakes and we have our hurricanes so I guess no place is perfect. Still, I love reading about your flowers. Is Knott's Berry Farm still a nice place? Do people still flock there for the fried chicken? We loved visiting it almost as much as Disneyland. BTW, love the alliteration. Well done!

    I have to go out sometime today to pick up an Rx at Target. I need a shower anyway so might as well go out. I don't think Target carries hobby supplies so hope I'm up to running up to Michael's to pick up a crochet hook. Either that or run down to Wal-Mart for it. I think Michael's wins. I have been productive in between naps while I've been sick. I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry. I made the clay face for our tree. At this rate, it will take a week to dry. Then, I have to paint it to blend in with the bark and have to seal it so it will hold up outside. I got some glow-in-the-dark paint for the eyeballs. I doubt it will be very noticable at night but up close, it might be scary. Booooo!

    My little citrus circle is finished but need to crochet the center and outside edge. I may start a new one. I'm kinda enjoying knitting again. I still have my second library book to finish and it's no page turner but is interesting so may have to renew it. Can do it online. It will take all the will power I have not to browse the shelves when I finally return the books. I love "borrowing" library books on my Kindle but they cannot be renewed. Too much pressure.

    As I sit here in my condo, which needs cleaning, I need things to distract me from feeling crappy and the housework which needs doing. I need to get better and wearing myself out doing cleaning isn't wise. It'll wait until I feel better, hopefully after getting my next injection. Tweety left me a nice gift, the head and tail of a gecko she killed. I had to let it dry out until I could sweep it off the balcony into the stairwell atrium below. Today, a bird flew low and she leapt into the air and did a full twist. Both of them came in for some milk and to play this morning. It's too hot in the afternoon for anything other than a siesta so they are active in the mornings and at night. One of our car's alarms went off and when I looked, both of them were sitting in front of the carport looking mighty guilty. They are something ele.

    I put a prayer slip in our birdhouse/prayer box for health, wealth and happiness for all of us. I've had so many prayers answered and I hope this is one of them.

    Love, Mikie

    Ooh, almost forgot. I also assembled a new necklace. Jay King sold one on HSN this weekend. It was expensive--small turquoise pieces with a Lion's Paw shell for a pendant. I looked through my shell basket and found a beautiful orange shell. I coated it with clear nail polish and drilled it to accept the bail so I could put it on the necklace. I had some strung turquoise and just added the shell to it. The look is as pretty at a fraction of the price. I watch his shows to get ideas. The big bead store sells many of the same stones he uses in his necklaces.
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    For once I feel like the "healthy" one! Okay, only because I have Kids were all home for Memorial Weekend. I had cooked all the main dishes over the past couple weeks and had them in the freezer. Kids did the rest. Even at that, I couldn't remember to take things out to thaw in time to eat......oh well. Snuck off by myself quite often to get away from the noise 20 people seem to make, and now remember only about half of what actually transpired.

    Hubby, son, SIL are all vets, and my GS will be leaving for the Air Force the 19th of this month. They all help with the events of the day in town.

    Today hubby is taking our camper to the lake for my sis and I. We plan to spend approx. 5 days together, just the two of us. She's the one with ALS, and is getting weaker. It will possibly be the last time we are able to do this. Although we thought the same thing last year. Fortunately she has the slow type, according to the docs. Still able to walk and do steps, but only very short distances.

    She's taking pictures and we're going to scrapbook some for her kids (the weather is to be rainy and cool a couple days). Have some oldies CDs ...60s..(my kind of music, Rock), our Kindles, and lounge chairs for the nice days. We can sleep in, take naps, do whatever. A very nearby little town has a unique Art Gallery that we hope to go to if we're feeling up to it, but that will be our only excursion away.

    Of course, the weather forecast is severe thunderstorms with large hail possible tonight! Figures....

    I'm picturing my house being spotless when I come home...if it works for you all, it should work for me, right?? Will see you all when I get back. Picturing you all feeling well and doing wonderful things.....Hugs......Jole
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    Jole that sounds like a nice adventure for you and your sister.Family visit sounds like it went well.I bet it was hard to say good-bye to GS they grow up so fast don't they?

    DD called this morning having a meltdown over something or other and I was knee deep in cupboard cleaning and not very supportive.She called back and I had a meltdown from being overwhelmed.Like mother like daughter.She got all concerned and huz overheard.He put in a call and put off having the sign in the yard until next week which will give us all weekend with DS off to get rid off a lot of clutter.I feel much better.

    DS should hear soon about his house.A closing date should be any day.

    Hope this ill health ends soon for you Mikie and you get back on track with the injections.Your walking Zippy benefits us too Rock with all the sights and sounds as you two get your exercise.Time to rest now.

  8. Mikie

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    A nap was just what I needed. I managed to get to every store I had planned on but toward the end, everything was starting to feel unreal. That's the only way I can describe how I feel when I'm sick. I had a good lunch and I think that helped. Then, it was siesta land for me.

    Jole, I still think your cooking something each day was a stroke of genius. I'm glad you are having this chance to spend time with your sis. I know you'll have a good time.

    Pam, I'm glad you are postponing putting out the sign for a week. That will take off some of the pressure.

    Got my Rx at Target and three packs of eight cubes of tissues, 24 boxes in all. They had a deal for a $10 gift card for three products sold. I try to keep tissues in supply, especially now with my cold and allergies. I also try to never spend more than $1 per box. With this deal, each box was about seventy cents. Yahoo! Told y'all that I'm a paper goods hoarder. The good thing about being a paper goods hoarder is that I use them up so they never overtake my condo. I checked out more folding chairs for the balcony. They are still "on sale" for $29. I only paid $25 on sale for the one I have. Last year, they got down to $18 and I hope they will get down to at least $20 and I'll buy two more. This balcony has become so important to us. When you find something good in life, I say, "Go for it." We care for the balcony and keep it clean and decorated with plants, lanterns and candles. The wind chimes add a nice element to the space.

    Got my crochet hook at Michael's. I also got yarn to make apple potholders. They are as cute as the citrus slices. They have the directions for these, and lots of other fruit projects at their website and in the stores. While I was there, I picked up some pearls, crystals and findings to finish some necklaces. Doing these projects is helping me to pass the time until I feel better. At least, between naps. Zzzzzzzzz!

    HSN has teamed up with Universal Studios to provide products coordinating with "Snow White and The Huntsman." Heidi Daas, who makes some of the most beautiful jewelry I've ever seen, was on today. Her things are not expensive considering all the crystals, pearls and metal design which goes into them, but they are so over the top gorgeous that I likely wouldn't have anywhere to wear them. And, for me, they are a bit expensive, even on easy pay. So, I dream of owning her pieces and am content to assemble my own.

    It's six here already and I don't feel like doing anything. Hope there is something good on TV.

    As always, my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  9. spacee

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    Hardly know where to begin.

    Rock, I hate to burst your bubble (that is IF you had one about the gators).
    It is against the law in Florida to feed them. That's when they get ugly and
    want a hand. So far, here, we peacefully co-exist.

    I agree that Folks are queer ppl. Haven't met one that wasn't, including me.
    Good thing, it's why books, songs and tv shows get written :)
    Not the rap music or the other kind.

    I kinda did feel like I deserved another ice cream since I didn't remember
    the other but I decided to 'be good'.

    Mikie, I just read that the coma 'like' sleep is healing for CFS brains. I remembered that you had said how good you feel after a deep sleep.

    I don't know how you kids read my posts. On rare occasions I go back to
    see what I wrote and I have a hard time making sense of it. Especially
    with my typos. It's this Apple keyboard (not moi, of course :)

    There is nothing like two women having meltdowns for a man to "see the
    error of his ways". You crack me up, Pam.

    Yes, we will take a vaca from our visualization to do some fun things. Like
    read or listen to music. Or play with kitties and dogs. But then we have to
    get back to it.

    Mikie that was quite an interesting post about your childhood. Living with your
    mom on a budget, yet not feeling the burden of it since you had a tv and mags
    to read and imagine. What a great idea.

    I'm going to stop here and start a fresh.

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    During yoga, I had a splendid idea. To go to the ENT and see if either he knows
    something to help me through the wedding or he knows SOMEONE that does.

    After waiting about 30 mins in the room, he came in with this advice. Do NOT
    waste my money on earplugs. ONLY buy the ones that are a headset and cover
    my years. (Did he miss the part that I said this was DS wedding? Nope)
    The kind that is used at a firing range is the only kind approved by OSHA.
    OSHA is some federal arm of the govt that overseas our safety. (Hope you
    can believe that).

    Well, I came home and was looking around the internet and found some blue
    ones. Yep, Blue ones the color of my dress. How lucky am I? Except for the
    fact that I do not want to embarrass DS, I think it would be a hoot to use them
    at least part of the 'LONG and ELEGANT wedding". That's my kind of humor.
    Queer. I admit it. Just visualize (for a few seconds since we are on vaca from
    doing that). A beautiful floor length ball gown and the Blue Headset. I think it
    makes a statement. Maybe several.

    Ok, I admit that I did it again. Ever since that lovely woman at AT&T told me
    that I might have to 'throw a fit' sometimes to get results. I must be acting
    out on that advice. This happened at the doc's office The person who took me back to "her holding room" to get my symptoms and ask me how tall I was and how much I weighed had a really bad attitude. She was barking her questions
    so fast in the fluorescent lit room that my brain was spinning. And that just
    made her bark more, as if increasing the barking would help me to remember
    better. But there I held my tongue.

    It was after the 30 min wait for the doc, that I stuck my head out and there
    she was. Only to bark at me "HE"S COMING, YOU'RE HIS NEXT PATIENT".
    Then I new she needed to be told that she had a terrible attitude. It kinda
    went back and forth and she asked me if I wanted to see the office manager
    and I said YES.

    But then the doc comes in. Now I know he is a good natured guy and he didn't
    mind the fluorescent light being turned off. Just had a REAL nurse stand at the
    door. And during my 30 min 'quite' time,I had been able to make notes on why
    I was there, my symptoms, etc.

    At the end, I recommended to him that the woman might do better in a job that
    she 'liked". Because life was too long to be in a joy she hated. He said he
    would keep that in mind.

    But now I know what is really going on there. She was given 2 weeks of training
    and is called a "medical processor". Meaning she feels like she has a lot of
    authority and but really makes very little money. So the doc will keep her
    and pocket the money he would have had to pay someone with skills.

    Changing topic. Jole, I am so,so happy that you have another year for a
    vaca with your sweet sis. Hugs to both of you. And hope you have a wonder
    flu time together.

    Love to all of "us".

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Couldn't sleep so I got up and drank two cups of coffee a record for me.I washed out the fridge and a couple cabinets.No reason for waking up so early I went to bed at 9 last night so I got enough sleep.

    I think the blue ear phones sound hysterical at the wedding.Maybe DS and new wife wouldn't appreciate the humor.I got around to giving details that I've gathered to DD of her brothers wedding reception.She was laughing so hard in horror she could hardly talk.I asked what we had done wrong with him.

    After the morning we both had it was nice to have a laugh.Huz has an appt. this morning and a trip to the lumber store for stuff.At least I'll get out and away for awhile.Things are coming along anyway and another week of projects should about do it.

    Future DIL buys beads and makes jewelry.GS grabs a bag when she isn't looking in the store and gathers a whole bag of pretty beads for mommy.She about has a heart attack at the register and runs around putting them back.

    Have a good day everyone I'll be snoozing early afternoon getting up so early.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    No, not sweatin' to the oldies with Richard Simmons. Yes, I know pigs don't sweat but, somehow, I just can't stop using that term. This morning, it wasn't as humid, there was a breeze, and it was cooler so Barb and I sat out on the balcony and had our coffee. The cats are being driven mad by the blue jays which fly low, just low enough to make the cats think they can snag them but not low enough so that they can actually get caught. After the cats wear themselves out, and it warms up outside, they crash and nap the rest of the day away. A gecko has taken up residence in our birdhouse/prayer box. I told Barb so she doesn't have a heart attack if she slips a prayer in and the gecko pops his head out like a Jack in the box.

    Before it got too warm, I decided to do a little work outside on the bldg. I swept the balcony, including the eaves, which gets all cobwebby if not kept clean. The most basic tenet of Feng Shui is that one's entryway, including the front door, must be kept clean and clutter free. All I have outside my front door now is a windowbox plant with purple flowers (good luck). I have a wreath on the door which gives energy as one enters. This is my summer wreath with moss, shells and starfish on it. It's very organic feeling. I made it myself.

    I went downstairs and watered and fed the citrus trees and pulled some weeds. Our sprinklers aren't reaching everything and I need to talk to our landscaper. We are redrilling our old well and using another one to run our sprinklers and they are all out of wonk. Finally, I cleaned my storm door windows and put them in my screen door. Everything is backward down here (on many levels :) We put in our storm door windows in the spring so we can go in and out without letting out all the cool air from the A/C.

    I had planned on doing some work inside but I have to take advantage of a cool morning because I never know when I'll get another one. I'm feeling better but don't want to overdo it and crash. Last night, I finished my little citrus slice circle and, considering I haven't knitted in more than 40 yrs. and I made some mistakes, it came out looking cute. I laughed when I read on the directions that the project should take two hours. Two hours! How about two weeks!

    Leah, thanks for the healing words. I am sending some your way too. I'm so glad you can join us here. Also, I notice what nice messages you post to members on our other board. Very encouraging to them. I remember well the confusion and fog I was going through when I first came here. Our wonderful members gave me such support and help. You are helping a lot of people.

    Linda, I am laughing again just thinking about blue earphones to match your dress for the wedding. I have the OSHA type of ear plugs for shooting at the firing range. I wear full earphones because the ear plugs just don't do it for me. Big guns, big noise. Guess I'll just have to wait til next winter as my neighbor, who is a retired cop, has gone North. He wants to go out to the firing range. I need to fire my guns just for the heck of it. Yes, feeding gators is one of the worst things people do. Two older ladies have been attacked, in separate incidents, by gators which had been fed by people and had lost their fear of humans. Once they associate people with food, they attack. You are right; most of the time we coexist peacefully.

    Pam, yes, sometimes it takes a meltdown just to get a man's attention. Hope with the delay, things will be less hectic. Laughing thinking about GS selecting beads at the store. They do that in the grocery store too. It's like elves put things into the basket while no one was looking. I hope you had a nice snooze. When I'm sick, like now, those naps are essential. Otherwise, they are just recreational :) The ability to nap is a well-honed talent which should be nurtured and practiced often.

    Guess I had better grab some lunch. I got some seafood salad at the store and lots of fruit. That sounds good. I also got some steaks on sale. I'll cook one for dinner and freeze the other two. Sometimes, when I'm sick, I'll crave protein. I was invited to a Margarita cocktail party this afternoon but, needless to say, I'm not going. Don't want to give this to anyone else and won't feel up to it anyway. I need to have my own Margarita party one of these days. I make a wicked Margarita!

    OK, gang, I need to go eat. Sending the usual love, hugs and prayers everyone's way.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I remember having to get up and change one of the three TV channels we originally received. Maybe it was four. I think we had a local channel too. The man who invented the remote just died. The first TV with a remote was the Zenith. Just a little trivia. The first remote looked just like a space ray gun from Star Trek. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the man.

    I wish you felt better. I've been where you are and still have flares which just send me to bed. Right now, I'm in between. I'm not doing an Irish jig but am able to do some easy chores around here. I got my new bargain tissues put away and cleaned out my two shelves in my walk-in storage closet where I store things like canned goods, extra cereal, etc. These days, it includes cat food, cat treats and dog treats. It's amazing what that balcony has done for us, attracting cats, dogs and neighbors. Neighbors get coffee or drinks, depending on the time of day.

    I should really be cleaning out my fridge but don't want to do it until I can take the garbage directly down to the dumpster. Bathrooms need to be cleaned as do the floors. Need to dust too. Then, there's the lanai which desperately needs to be cleaned. Until the balcony became "the place" to be, we used our lanais to look out on the pond and fountain. At night, when the fountain is lit, it's really beautiful. Friendship and laughter trump the pond now.

    I still need to load up six or seven heavy garbage bags full of donations and paperwork to shread and take them to the Goodwill. It's in N. Ft. Myers and I hate to go unless I have some reason to go up there. I think there is a Long John Silver's restaurant in the vicinity. We lost the one in town. I know how greasy and unhealthy their food is but, sometimes, ya just gotta go for it.

    So, as you can see, I have a lot which needs doing around here either virtually or for real :) It's OK to daydream but it doesn't get my work done. I always envied "Bewitched's" ability to wiggle her nose and clean her house. No husband of mine would tell me I couldn't use witchcraft if I could clean the house that way. The only thing which keeps me going is how much I love a clean home. So, onward I slog, one chore at a time. Ugh!

    OK, time to stop whining and get on with it.

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Your essay on house cleaning reminded me of my dust mop,
    Mikie. Perhaps this bit of history will someday be referred to
    as Dustgate. Ha Ha! Anyhoo I decided to launch the new
    dust mop. If it didn't perform well, I was gonna put a little
    cooking oil on it.

    But no oil needed. The dust mop worked so well I could
    hardly believe it. Nowadays we are so used to crappy
    products and lousy service. It was an O'cedar., although
    it takes a lot of effort to determine that. The name is
    is in tiny letters on the handle. Black on Black. Guess
    they consider that info confidential.

    And your crochet hook reminded me of our trip to the
    library Tues night. We got there ten minutes before
    closing, so Gordon waited in the car and I took the books
    in. When I came out he was holding a dentist pick.
    "This would make a good weapon," he said.

    I said something appropriate like, "Are you crazy?"
    If you're wondering where he got the dental tool, he
    has a couple of them. Also a tweezer about 10 inches
    long and various knives and clippers. He uses all
    this stuff to divide and repot his orchids.

    Linda, I agree. Your blue ensemble with a headset will
    definitely make a statement. Or at least raise a question.
    "What do you think she is doing? Getting orders from
    the mother ship?"

    Jole, I have read that some people don't like CDs much.
    They think the sound on the old vinyl records was "warmer"
    or somehow better. I think the new sound is wonderful
    AND, it got rid of surface noise. No longer did playing
    the music injure the medium and degrade the sound.

    Met a new bridge partner on line last week. He is an
    engineer. I said, "Engineers are the great problem
    solvers of modern society. I wish one of them would
    invent a studier case for CDs.'

    He said, "People still use those?" Gosh! I thought they
    were the latest and greatest. Well, they are 30 years
    old this year.

    Pam, that was very thoughtful of GS to pick up some
    pretty beads for mommy. A few more favors like that
    and mommy may found herself talking to security guards.
    Ha Ha!

    Freida, I just read a book on errors in the movies. There
    were several from Romancing the Stone, but they
    didn't notice the egregious one at the end of the movie.
    A gator bites the villain's off. Impossible. A gator doesn't
    have teeth like a great white shark that can shear. It has
    teeth like daggers so it can grab and hold on.

    Anyhoo, I would never mess around w/ a wild animal. Too
    many videos on Youtube showing what can happen to
    people who do.

    Hope ya feel some better pretty quick like. It's a drag
    to have to wait and wait for some energy. I'd be happy to
    give up any remaining years I have for 6 healthy months.
    Where is that devil with some kind of Faust-like offer

    Well, have been expecting Gordon to get home from work
    for the last 15 minutes. Guess I'll put on my apron and
    go stand outside by the white picket fence to welcome
    him home.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    So, I will just tell you all again how much you have made me laugh
    and call it a nite. Tired.

    Love you! Guess Gordon got home?

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Again I'm up early.This is ticking me off.DS laughed when he saw me since he has to be at work at 6.Said he expected to hear Paul Harvey on the radio with me sitting in my bathrobe with dad.Brings back memories of his grandma and grandpa.My parents.They lived with us too for about 5yrs.

    Closing on his house is Tues. when they are both off.His Fiancee says she's not excited yet.Doesn't feel like it's her home until she has the key and is moving in.DS told her he feels it's their house and intruders are camping out there and need to leave.I'm very excited for them.DS is going to see what date they plan on leaving.Moved up painter to the 25th after we're back from Fl.

    Really tired today but we have rain and like a lot of you it was really needed.Still it makes for a bad day for me.Huz tried emptying out junk in the garage he has a truck full for the landfill but doesn't look like he made a dent in it.How do we collect so much junk?

    Appt. this morning and then we'll see what if anything can get accomplished might just have to visualize today.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    At least for today. The chance of rain is 90 percent today but I've heard that before. Fool me once.... I need to clean fridge but will wait til tomorrow just in case it does rain and I can't get the garbage down to the dumpster right away. I also need to take my paper down to recycle.

    Yesterday, I did get the bathrooms cleaned cept for the shower stall and bathtub. I want to use my steam cleaner and that's hard work. I am pacing myself. I'll do it today and the floors as well. The lanai is a project for another day.

    Spent some time just relaxing, reading, and then, working on a new "citrus slice." This one is lime. I'm getting faster and the needlework is better. It's kinda like riding a bicycle and being a bit wobbly at first. When I clean out the walk-in storage closet, I need to get the flat tries fixed on my bicycle. Hope I can ride someday. I did get two shelves cleaned out in there. The most difficult is the last of my Mom's things. She collected the Bing & Grandhall (sp?) plates. They are so beautiful and no longer worth much at all. I have a hard time parting with them. My kids don't want them. If nothing else, I'll donate them to the church's thrift store and some collector will lose her mind over them. I don't use Freecycle or Craig's List because I just don't want strangers coming to my condo.

    Hmmmm, Rock, perhaps I could arm myself with a dental tool :) My hygienist gave me two of them so I can clean between my two lower teeth where plaque seems to collect. She said she gives her old ones away to hobbyists who use them for all kinds of things. I just made my first clay tree face and didn't think to use one of them for a carving tool. Oh well, I'm going to do another.

    You were ahead of your time. They make products you spray on dusters and dust mops to make them attract more dust. I think O'Cedar still makes mops. I have a machine which cleans my tile floors; it dispenses the cleaning solution, little brushes scrub the floor and, finally, it sucks up the dirty water. I loooooove that thing, especially for the tiles on the lanai which get soooo dirty. I use Swiffer for dusting everything except my fans and tops of my armoires. I have one of those fuzzy things on an extension rod. All you do is run it across the old TV screen, the CRT type, and it endows it with static electricity so it picks up dust. When my Swiffers get too dirty, I take them outside and clean our light fixtures. They get all cobwebby and full of insects. AACK!

    I look for errors on TV shows. I think there are websites to discuss these errors in TV shows and movies. For me, it's enough just to spot them. The trend today is to download one's favorite songs to MP3 players and not have to buy an entire CD. I've never bought songs; I just download them from my CD's. The library has some excellent CD's and the songs can be downloaded. Microsoft's My Music is a good way to store the songs so they can be manipulated. My cell phone doubles as an MP3 player and has excellent sound. Many people no longer buy DVD's because of all the ways to watch movies, even when they are released to movie theaters. I'd much rather watch a movie in HD than on a blurry movie screen. It doesn't help that people talk, text, make a lot of noise with their snacks and even take cell phone calls.

    Linda, so sorry you lost your post. I think computers can get possessed from time to time. Mine sends e-mails before I'm ready. I've also lost posts. Get your rest and we'll see you later.

    Pam, sounds like a good plan to wait until you return from FL to get the painting done. I don't know where our stuff comes from. George Carlin used to do a very funny bit on our stuff. I told my kids I hate to think of their having to deal with mine when I move on. They told me it will be nothing compared to dealing with their Dad's stuff (he's a collector of all kinds of things). He's not a hoarder; his house is in perfect order. It's just that he has soooo much stuff which would only be of value to other collectors. Every day, I'm thankful we are no longer married.

    My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Predinner and postdinner nap today. Kinda unusual. But I will take a nap
    any day I can get it.

    I am so glad Leah, that you got to go out and work with your flora!!! How
    neat that you have seeds of flower that are precursors to impatients. I
    love those flowers.

    Houses, Houses, Houses. At least the housing market is improving in the
    US. My DIL couldn't believe their house was hers til they moved in. Now
    she still can't believe it. haha

    Glad your DS and WTB are getting one :)

    Well, when mother died, my brother heard of women who did estate sales.
    You got to get anything you wanted to keep before they held it. Then you
    got the money from the things that sold. And they got to keep anything
    that didn't for their store. That was sooo easy for us since older brother
    and I were not well. Twin was working in another state. I kept one
    bedroom suite that certainly was not worth my DS driving down in a
    Uhaul. But I do like having it.

    Still tired. Guess it mite go on a while or not. I have figured out why I
    cannot understand some of the things I post. My computer will correct
    my spelling into words that I didn't mean to write. At least that is part
    of it.

    SD and Steph are not going on a honeymoon. They are going with S's parents
    and her sister who just went through a divorce to the Outer Banks to console
    the sister after the wedding. I have a big smile on my face for not having
    to pay for a honeymoon. yet anyway. Going through the 2 year Hospital
    Chaplaincy program gave them each a lot of compassion for others. I think
    it will benefit them whatever they do.

    Well dear ones, enjoy the nite, if you are up or sleeping if down for the count.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hope you're all full of energy or resting.I'm resting,trying to charge my battery to be able to drop in at a graduation for a few min.Huz friend's DD.He and his wife are such nice people that I have to try hard to do it.

    This morning I painted half the mud room.I ran out of paint and the store was closed so I will have to come back to it next week.Niece left me an email yesterday that they would pick up a dresser and a cabinet today but after I knocked myself out trying to get them cleaned out last night she's a no show grr.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Leah, that is the very reason impatients or begonias don't grow in our yard.
    Strong sunlight. I had a yard man a few years ago plant some impatients
    that I love so much under a few trees we have on the side yard. Huz
    ran over them with the lawnmower. Yes, he knew they were there. So
    much for impatients.

    Hope your pain subsides!!! (((Hugs))) 2 syllables in the deep South :)
    Huuuu gs.

    Pam, your energy is so good!! Good for you. Hope you feel fine at the

    Here, I am still in bed and out for a little bit only to eat or look at computer.
    Then back for a rest in the dark room.

    I did order two of the earmuffs to silence gunfire. And hopefully other sound
    as well. I won't wear them at the wedding but have a feeling I might need
    them at other times. Like just lying in bed. I chose the blue/black and the
    red/black cause, good grief, I do have to 'match' my clothes!

    Off for a nap,I think.

    Loveyou kids!


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