Good hobbies for CFS/FM sufferers?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gb66, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I have been looking into genealogy as a possible pastime for myself. I was wondering if anyone on this board does this and you have any suggestions on how to start since we're usually not able to leave home to do research. It would all have to be on the computer. Are there any free websites? Sure would appreciate some pointers on getting started.

    I thought about posting this on the Chit Chat board but don't know if a lot of the others are as limited in their abilities as some of us here are
    and their suggestions might not all work for me.

    Is there a thread on here to post things that we may have found to help us? I am not talking about medical problems, just ways to do things when you have limited energy and are in a lot of pain, but still want something to do with your mind and your time. One thing that has helped me is to order an online greeting card program. I'm not able to shop for cards anymore and now I can print them out for my husband and grandkids. I love it. GB66
  2. Spinetti

    Spinetti New Member

    I recently started playing checkers on my bedside laptop. The rules are simple, but it can be a very sophisticated and subtle game. You can play it at different levels and progress.

    There are free online games with other players and free, or inexpensive, downloads to play against the computer at different levels of difficulty.

    I found playing against real people fun, but hectic because of the time element. Yesterday, I downloaded Tranquil Checkers for Mac. It suits me fine and can even be used to play against a friend online – if I can figure out how to do that someday.

    Bob Newell has a very good site all about learning to play checkers at

    Genealogy and greeting cards sound like great ideas. Maybe someone else knows about good genealogy sites and can help. My brother started a Facebook page for family members to exchange history and information about ancestors.

    I spend most of my time listening to free audiobooks downloaded from The books are all in the public domain so they were written before about 1930. The readers are volunteers and are usually very good.

    Thanks! spinetti
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  3. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    I play solitaire boggle (no time limit) and I love it! Over the course of many days I get excited in finding words I may not have not noticed before. Plus it is a great way of helping my brain cells from degenerating further.

    I also love the gentleness, repetition and soothing nature of English paper piecing patchwork- in fact I have made two quilt tops and see them as telling my story of my journey with CFS.

    Getting into genealogy sounds great, I wish I could but find it tiring. I did attempt genealogy at one point and was quite excited about it but found that pursuing this hobby via technology (ie computers) sucked the energy out of me plus I developed painful postural issues with my neck, shoulders and hand.

    I hope you find suitable hobbies that you can get stuck into,


  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    at a few genealogy sites. Some of them want fees. Most of them I can't
    understand or can't find anything helpful. My aunt did a lot of genealogy work
    in the PC (Pre Computer) days. She would write to courthouses, historical
    societies, etc.

    Some of them would send her pictures and copies of records. Some wanted
    big fees for making a photocopy. At one time she was doing tombstone
    rubbings and traveling a lot.

    She eventually put together a book, but she told me most of the relatives
    were not interested at all in her findings.

    Some years ago I thought about putting together of book of childhood memories
    w/ the kin all contributing a couple pages. Then I was hit by a dose of reality.
    Most of them wouldn't be interested and wouldn't contribute anything. (But
    think how interesting that would be in a century. Too bad.)

    I used to play card games on the net, but now I can't remember the cards.
    MSN seems to have changed. Can't play their games anymore.

    Anyway the suggestion to post on the chit chat board is a good one. That's the
    place for stuff we used to mark OT for Off Topic. Discussions about the kids,
    or pet, or music, or memories, or hobbies, etc.

    I took up crosswords recently and read and listen to music. I was looking back
    a few weeks ago. In the last 4 years I've been to 3 social events. A lunch and two
    visits at a friend's house.

    Hope you can find something.

  5. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    There are so many things you can do online. And alot of things are free. You can research ancient archeology. I love doing this. You can go to many archeology sites and watch free movies of different places and look at pictures from museums all over the world and it's free.

    You can do the same with astronomy. There are tons of free astronomy sites filled with interesting videos and pictures.

    If you feel creative and you have a paint program you are comfortable with, there are a million ways to express your creativity online for free. Everything from making glitter signatures, to avatars, clip art, and picture tubes.

    And there are tons of free online gaming sites.

    The net is full of free things to do.
  6. bakeman

    bakeman New Member

    any instrument will do. who cares if you don't know how to play or read music. I was so sick i thought i would never play guitar again, but after 7 years of crippling illness, i found a good dr who started treating me and i picked the guitar up again. sometimes i will lie in my bed for 7 hour just strumming. its better than staring at the ceiling doing nothing!
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  7. sascha

    sascha Member

    i enjoy both of these things. i have watercolor materials at home, and i go to a class. i couldn't make it to class for a long time due to cfids, but lately i've been able to go again, and love it. i paint at home when i can. it's not difficult to set up a spot, and it's such an absorbing way to spend time.

    i play boggle with a group (four of us) and again, wasn't able to go for a long, long time, but now i go as i can, and enjoy it tremendously. it does fire up the brain cells and give them plenty to think about. i don't like online boggle because it's timed. we do untimed boggle, as one of your posters said, and search for long and interesting words. it's very rewarding for everyone because when any of us finds a great word, we get great congratulations and praise. fun!

    we sure do need to put pleasure into our days. good luck with your quest- Sascha
  8. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    I like interactive websites (ex. www dot zefrank dot com/byokal/kal2 dot html) as well as crosswords and sudoku.
  9. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I enjoy crocheting also knitting, and make items to donate to charity. I find this fulfilling.

    I know of one woman who knits baby hats for the local hospital's maternity wing. Just keeps knitting them and giving them away.

    I read also. I find reading to be a great escape from my fibro.

    Hope you find some good ideas here or on Chit Chat.

    Hugs, Fay
  10. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I was thinking of making a doll house for my grandaughter but don't know if that would be too much of an undertaking.

    I love on line Cryptograms, Scrabble, Hearts and just about any word game.

    My all time favorite is reading. But there are times I just can't.

    Keep the ideas coming.


    ETA Roch, i can't believe you would not count the chit chat board as a social outing!!
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Was you talkin' ta me?

    I consider the chit chat board my most important social outlet, but outings,
    as in leaving the house, are very rare.

    We used to have people over to play cards or other games (like charades), but
    the apt. we live in is too small. Don't seem to have many friends anymore.

    I wish I could play an instrument as suggested above. When I was young I
    was a church organist and played in the high school band, but I was a lousy
    musician. No talent at all. Good think I am still skillful at listening. Just
    bought a CD of a live opera performance from the 1950s. I was in 8th grade.

    Speaking of dollhouses, our law firm used to be in a building next to a dollhouse
    store. They had dollhouses in the window that were big; 3-4 feet high and cost
    hundreds of dollars. One of them had a mock Tiffany lamp. I think it was
    a ping pong ball cut in half and painted.

    So that's our lesson for today. If life hands you a ping pong ball, make a Tiffany
    lamp. If life hands you gators, make Gatorade. If life hands you a tomato,
    make a bloody Mary.


  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for all the responses. I have been trying to find info about my grandfather who died when my mother was a baby, but I can't seem to get anywhere on the genealogy boards. I've tried several of them but they keep wanting me to sign up for a period of time. I think there's a fee involved too.

    I seem to be having major brain fog the last week or so and maybe that's why I'm having go much trouble. I'll keep on trying.

    There are some really good suggestions for hobbies. I do play a couple of games, Text Twist and Spider Solitaire. Love crossword puzzles and word games. These are very relaxing to me.
    I don't play against others because it's too much stress. No artistic or musical ability though.

    Rock, I like your philosophy about the ping pong ball and gatorade. I also grew up in the fifties and listened to a lot of classical music when I was in my early teens. GB66

  13. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I've had to change my hobbies many times to accommodate my ever-progressing DDs. It's frustrating. I was starting to learn to play the keyboard on my bed and it was great fun and I like to bead but now I'm too flat-on-my-back most of the time to do either of those. I'll get my bead stuff all set up around me and then have to lay all the way down and can't do a thing with them. I've been trying to make the same 2 necklaces for 2 years now. Prior to that I made 15 necklaces and fixed about 30 that my grandma had collected over the years.

    I had started learning to draw and was doing some writing projects but I can't do either of those anymore as I've gotten worse.

    Isis, that kaleidoscope is neat but unfortunately it makes me very dizzy and sets me off. I'm glad you can enjoy it though. You all may like this page which has some similar interactive games that I like a lot:

    Scroll down and you'll find my favorites: Jungle, the Dutch Dollhouse and Wallovers. I don't care that it says it's for kids because I'll always be a kid at heart. :)

    I also like to play interactive Chess with the computer. I like that better than playing a real person because I like playing quickly and not having to wait on someone else to make their move, computers move instantly. I also go to a site to learn to play Chess: It's for kids too- lol.

    Google Earth is a cool pastime.

    I study all the time. I study different subjects all the time and make mini-goals for myself. I study Science, History, Spanish, Math, Geography, and Trivia.

    A couple of fun sites for learning:

    Any Subject:


    I also get Lessons from Netflix, I'm currently going through their Chemistry Lessons and American Government, I also have Organic Chemistry and Spanish in my Queue. I rent a lot of documentaries about various subjects ranging from the Arts to Social Issues. I spend hours in Netflix reading Reviews and researching films and docs.

    I tape game shows and have a great time with those since I can use the Pause Button to give my foggy brain extra time to think. I tape:

    Cash Cab,
    Cash Cab: After Dark,
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,
    Weakest Link,
    History IQ

    If you like Miniatures this is a fun site to explore:

    I also love Astronomy and since I'm often a night owl this can be a great hobby. Stellarium has the best on-line real-time free Planetarium and I found a good Astronomy Forum too


    And I joined Galaxy Zoo where you can sign up to help Astronomers do sky surveys:

    I usually just go out with good 10x50 binoculars when it's clear skies at night for a bit when I'm up to it and I use Stellarium to show me what I'm looking at. I sometimes take out my telescope when I'm feeling up to it and I can use it while sitting on a chair when I need to.

    One night during a lunar eclipse I pointed my binocs straight up overhead and I had the Andromeda Galaxy right in my view! It was awesome. I also had an amazing session viewing Betelgeuse as it set one night.

    These things take me out of my present condition and enlarge my world. :) I'm into checking out the Archaeology sites too. They're always discovering new things.

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