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  1. bigmama2

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    Hey everybody,
    Here is a good resource for gaining energy (lack of energy is one of my biggest problems) - a book called Becoming an Energy Addict by Jon Gordon. he also has a website (his name) with free tips. It is not specifically for CFS but I really liked it. some of his book is common sense, and some of it is thought provoking. He is an "energy coach/ inspirational/ motivational speaker".

    the book has tips about eating, thinking, sleeping, motivation,playing, spiritual stuff, quick pick me ups etc.

    Maybe the book is on amazon or ebay for cheap?!

    Has anyone else read it?
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  2. Tantallon

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    Not read this book but am going to have a look on Amazon to see if cheap. I could definately do with some more energy.

  3. Shelbyeatenton

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    which book is it?

    "Energy Addict: 101 Physical, Mental and Spiritual Ways to Energise Your Life"

    "Become an Energy Addict: Simple, Powerful Ways to Energize Your Life"

    Both by Jon Gordon.

    I have FM but am having terrible issues with my energy levels. I use the "spoons theory" to explain my tiredness and also to try and cope with it but this book sounds good.

    Best Wishes and Thank you,


  4. bigmama2

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    It's the one called "Becoming an Energy Addict".
    I checked amazon and yes they do have used copies cheap.