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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by coyote, Jun 13, 2003.

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    I found this web site that some of you might already know. it has packets of information ready to be printed out to take to our dr.s and various specialists regarding FMS, how it affects us, and how it affects our treatment.
    The site is about Fibromyalgia and CMD by and author named Devin Starlanyl. You have to go to the Health Care Provider link and then Info for Physicians.
    This web site could have something like this if someone felt ambitious enough to do the work.
    At any rate, it's good, especially for newcomers (and some old comers) to take to the dr.
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    I just posted this same info a few days ago
    and not many seem to care.

    I have also posted some of her articles on the

    Lots of times no one reads or acknowledges any
    of them so I wonder why I should waste my

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    Dr. Devin Starlanyl frequently comes up in posts on the board. She's probably been around on this board as long as the board has been around. She is great! Her info is wonderful! I was so excited when I first read one of her books as I was having so many more things going on in my body that I had not attributed to my FM and there it was in her book.

    Please don't take it to heart that no one responded to your post. Some of us do feel we spread seed on barren soil sometimes, but the volume of posts is overwhelming, I assume if someone has nothing new to add, they move on to the next post. (I do this myself.)

    Thank you for posting. Fondly, June
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    Yes, don't take it seriously that no one replies. As Mikie says, the board has been moveing
    very quickly lately. It used to be that all the new posts would be on just one page.
    Now, there are so many posts, the new ones get pushed back to page 2 and page 3
    You can bump your message back to the front page by replying to it yourself, using
    the word "Bump" in the title line and the message box.
    keep coming.
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    I think my response started that new thread!!!
    I bet more people are reading that thread than
    reading the informative articles!!! Cookiemonster
    posts a lot, too. I''ve been trying to respond to
    article posters because it lets them know that
    it was appreciated.

    I really wish there could be a folder that is specifically
    for articles. It would be so easily accessible to people.
    I know the library has articles, but it doesn't
    have all of them.

    I guess I should have bitten my tongue (or
    fingers, in this case) and not said anything.
    I probably was cranky!

  6. coyote

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    You're entitled. We all get cranky!