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  1. SpecialK82

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    Is there a good lawyer list somewhere?

    I thought that I've seen one at some point but can't find it now.

    I'm hoping to find one in Cincinnati that understands CFS.

  2. krock

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    Hopefully someone can offer a recommendation.

    Also, did you ever hear back from Rich on our other posts looking for a local doctor who is on board with his protocol?
  3. SpecialK82

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    Hi krock :)

    I did not hear from Rick unfortunately, I may have overwhelmed him with a bunch of questions and he put it aside for later and then may have forgotten. I know he's a busy guy - he did send me (along with others) a copy of his poster paper from the conference, which I really appreciated.

    Are you thinking about disability?

    BTW, how long have you been sick and how did it start? I have had FM for 11 years and developed CFS about 2 years ago, I also have EBV. I have been on a rapid decline over these last two hellish years and am thinking that I will have to quit my part-time job.

  4. SpecialK82

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  5. krock

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    I applied for and was denied disability, so now need to get a lawyer to help me appeal.

    I have been sick 2 years. It all started in Jan 2007 when I moved into a condo that I later discovered had a toxic mold problem. I was then diagnosed with CFS, then FM, and also EBV problems throughout. I have tried working twice over the past two years, lasted a few months each time, but just can't do it.
  6. SpecialK82

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    So sorry to hear what you have been through. Have you been able to move out of the condo?

    Because you have only been sick a short time, I believe you still have a good chance at getting well. Have you thought about antiviral treatment for the EBV?

    I have EBV as well and I was treated for a short time by Dr. Lerner in Michigan but I was not able to withstand the side effects (stomach pain) of the Valtrex. I was only treated for 8 weeks, so I did not see any improvement.

    There are alot of posts on here as well about toxic mold if you use the search function. Please let me know if you find a lawyer in Cincinnati that understands CFS. I'm planning on calling the bar association tomorrow and asking them to recommend someone knowledgeable.

    I think it would be much easier for us if we have a lawyer that really understands CFS - I really don't want to have to educate the lawyer and prove to them why I am so sick and cannot work. :(

    Please let me know what you find and I'll do the same!

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  7. krock

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    I only lived there two months, but got so sick, and never recovered. I have tried both Famvir and Valtrex (still on Valtrex), but still have very high ebv numbers. I have been reading lots of the posts about mold on here, very helpful.

    Please keep me posted on your lawyer search and I will do the same. Thanks for the advice and support.
  8. SpecialK82

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    Hey there - I just wanted to let you know that I was not able to call the Cin Bar Association today (Mon) and will not be able to tomorrow, but I will be able to make some calls on Wed.

    Just wanted to let you know, I didn't forget - hopefully I will find someone and post on Wed!

  9. SpecialK82

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    I just spoke with the Cin Bar association and they said that they can only give my names of attorneys that specialize in disability but she didn't have the information to tell me if they have a specialty in CFS or not. I was hoping they could help me narrow it down in some way, but they could not.

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  10. krock

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    I will let you know if I am able to find anyone.
  11. cerise

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    If you are seeking an attorney to represent you for disability benefits, make sure that your attorney is current and knowledgeable about your illness.

    If you are at the federal court appeal level, RALPH WILBORN, nationally recognized as one of the BEST SSDI attorneys (especially for ME/CFS & FMS clients) has retired as an Administrative Law Judge for Social Security Administration and is back practicing law. Ralph Wilborn and his wife, Etta Wilborn are located in Oregon and handle only those cases that have reached the federal appeal level. Ralph's brother, Tim Wilborn is also an excellent disability attorney and he too, is based in Oregon.

  12. nink

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    Try contacting a local support group. It may be local for you, or in your general area. My experience is that these people know the good docs and the good attys. They also know the BAD ones, which is also very important information.
  13. monkeykat

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    There is a REALLY good paralegal, Anne Lang, in Rochester, NY 1.877.883.9443 or 1.585.325.9010. She is q wonderful person and excellent at her job. She has helped quite a few people with CFIDS and FMS get SS disability benefits.

    Not sure how far she is able to travel these days but she was able to come to NE Ohio a couple years ago to help me.
  14. SpecialK82

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    cersie - it's great to have a name on the federal appeal level - yikes, it scares me to even think about how far this can go

    nink - great idea about asking a support group - I have only thought about that for doctors and not lawyers

    monkeykat - I'm so glad you were able to find someone good to help you. I love to hear about successful cases -thanks for the name!

    You guys are great :) I don't know what I would do sometimes without this board.


  15. skeptik2

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    email the good folks at ncf-net dot org; their lawyer will tell you good attys in Cincy, or find one for you.

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    you may try[This Message was Edited on 04/18/2011]