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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kita309, Mar 6, 2003.

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    I found a good link for a free bag for people with arthritis. It is a really nice bag. I got one for myself and my mother. It comes in about a week. This promo ends at the end of this month. Let me know what you think and if (Edited to remove URL)get your bags. They really are nice. if you guys can not get on to this let me know and I will send you the link by e-mail

  2. kita309

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    I enjoy this board and did not know that I could not do that. I am also new to this board and have not really paid any attention that no else has posted anything like that.
    I will try to get the link out of my message.
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    I caught it. We are allowed to name other websites, just not to provide the URL's.

    Love, Mikie