Good link to a list of research/studies on CFS/ME?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dannybex, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. dannybex

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    Does anyone know of a good webpage with a comprehensive list of published research and/or studies that show the seriousness of this disease?

    I'm trying to put together a blog to raise money for some tests, and I know that there will be a LOT of skeptics -- so I want to link to a page that PROVES it's a real, physical disease.

    THANK YOU in advance!

  2. findmind

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    Have you tried the library here? It has a lot of good CFS/ME articles with reputable research.

    Best to you in the New Year, raising money with your blog. How does one even start a blog, and how does money get raised from it? I'm web ignorant; don't have a computer, just webtv, and I can read articles but would love to just know how blogs are generated.

    Thanks, and good luck!
  3. dannybex

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    I haven't checked the library here...I will take a look. Just want to make sure it doesn't look like a commercial site, you know? Something that's purely a list of scientific studies or research.

    Blogs are actually quite easy to start -- even with brain fog. I started one a couple years ago on an unrelated topic, using -- very, very easy. You don't have to know any computer code or anything...they make it very user friendly.

    This time I'm trying ''. They have more styles of pages available...but it seems a little more difficult. And it's just so hard writing about CFS, because as you know, 99.9% of people think it's not a real disease, and that we're just a bunch of whiners.

    So I want to make sure I can have a link on the blog that has a list of studies that proves it's real.

    Fundraising: A very nice friend helped pay for a lawyer to set up a "special needs trust". That means that money can be raised without affecting my SSI benefits, which amount to pennies after I pay my rent, etc.. I have no access to the $, if I'm able to raise anything, it will be paid out for tests/treatments by a trustee.

    But with the economy in the tank, it's going to be very difficult. Time will tell...

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

    If anyone else knows of a webpage that has a list of studies or research, I hope you can point me in the right direction.


  4. LindaJones

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  5. dannybex

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    That's the best link I've seen so far -- it's probably good as a link to what CFS/ME IS, and what it isn't...and does have some studies to back up it's claims.

    I was a little frustrated that they called ME Myalgic Encephalopathy and then later "Encephalomyelitis" -- apparently two different diseases. Am trying not to get into the political aspects, you know?

    And near the bottom of the page they mention the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy -- which may have some benefit, but may also get others riled up, and/or suggest to others that all we need is a good psychiatrist! :)

    Anyway, thanks so much. I tried to find some pure research sites, and couldn't turn up anything. I know that ProHealth also has research news, but also have a lot of advertising for products, so I couldn't link to that or they might think I'm getting a cut of the sales. :)

    Thank you,

  6. findmind

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    Today I searched for the "journal of chronic fatigue syndrome" which was published for 12 years, I think. Haworth Press published it.

    I got a zillion hits, and many are peer-reviewed research articles.

    Maybe you could use some from there?


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