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    Back when I was healthy (over 20 years ago) I meditated off and on, and noticed that when I did it regularly, it really helped to center me and calm me down. The effects were subtle but very real and very good.

    After I got sick I found it harder to do, harder to quiet my mind.

    A few months ago I came across EOC Institute which sells meditation CDs - the CDs are actually supposed to alter your brainwaves as meditation would. They sell 3 CDs for 3 different levels. I bought the middle one. It just has the sound of ocean, it's very soothing, no music (which is a huge plus for me - so often music on those things is just annoying!) Supposedly the CD changes my brain waves while listening to it. All I know is after listening to one of the tracks (there are 3 on the CD), I just feel calmer and somewhat like I did when I used to meditate.

    I've been listening to the CD regularly now for about 3 months and now find I'm able to meditate on my own with no assistance, which I like very much.

    So I think the CD is really a worthwhile investment. It costs $35, but at the top of the page you can enter your e-mail address and get a coupon for 20% off, so with shipping it did come to around $35.

    Here's the website:

    I know anxiety is a huge issue for many on this board, and this can help.

    Happy meditating!

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    Meditation was always a mysterious "exercise" for me. Had taken meditation workshops, I wanted to get into "it" as meditation seemed to help so many. Inevitably, after five-ten minutes into a meditation segment in a workshop, I would pop open one eye and look around to see what the other folks were doing....I was going no where.

    Until, I tried ONE MORE TIME, and the facilitator used Jennifer Berezan's "Returning." I am not going to take the time to explain my experience that day, but it was profound.

    Over the years, I must have bought 20 of her CD's and have given them as gifts to body workers of all kinds only to have them contact me to say their clients/patients loved the CD when they played it during an appointment.

    Now I teach aquatic exercise and end each class with a mind/body session and yes, I do use Returning. I have students come to me after class and ask the name of the CD, more CD's sold! They purchase the CD and then come back and thank me!


    PS, every time I tried to type meditation this morning, I looked at the screen and saw I had typed "medication" hummm, only one letter different.
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