Good Morning God

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  1. KJ2003

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    Dear God,

    Thank you for being with each of us today. Thank you for your comfort and your eagerness to help all of us. Thank you that, even in the midst of difficult moments, your loving nature never dims within us and your grace carries us through our struggles. Thank you for being our strength during our weakness. Thank you for giving us friends and family who love us. Thank you for your love, your patience and your kindness...but most of all, thank you for caring so much for us that you gave us life. Thank you for designing each us in such a unique way that meant something to you. Thank you for nurturing us along the way and preparing a path, which will lead all of us to your pleasant meadows. Thank you for the moments of heaven, which give us hope and relief from the difficulties of this world and our suffering.

    God, thank you for being you.



  2. danny3861

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    Thats very moving and beautiful Kim.
    Amen, Danny
  3. JuteJute

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    That was truly moving and beautiful.

    Love and Prayers,