good news about my sexual assualt weirdo

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  1. 69mach1

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    dectective called and told me the man has been arrested no for my case, but for drugs, drug paraphanalia, and a substance that appears to be cocaine.

    she called the doj and got my blood toxicology results back and nothing showed up in my blood for drugs...sort of good for me only that i was extremely hurt by the fact that i was interrogated and accused by the dective that i used drugs because the rapist told her so...

    so i most certainly have my high morals and intregrity validfied by that test.....the only unfornate thing is that no date rape drug showed up in my system...even though there were no witness's that i know about...

    she called the da's office to inform them of my case. she said it possibly could help that he was busted for drugs on my case, but then again we just don't know....she said she is sure something went on in hotel room. i just said in hindsight i would do things all over, but was drugged and i just was in shock and couldn't talk to anyone...she said everyone handles it wrong or right thing...

    so time will tell what happens to this so called pastor....

    he dug his own grave now....for the drug bust. yeah!

    it gives me some pleasure knowing this, don't know how much time he will do over the drugs. but longer the better in my book.

    so i just wanted to share and get some happiness out of a sick sitaution that i had to endure in february. plus i am still dealing with strained tendons in wrist and elbow shoulder stuff...not to mention the acquaintance sexual assualt....

    just urge everyone who drinks in a bar, always look at your drink being poured...doesn't have to be alcohol to be dropped a roofie in it...never leave you drink alone w/friends to go potty..take it with...

    well got to go to cody's track meet it is taking much longer than anticipated.


  2. Mini4Me

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    Wow, thanks for the news! I wasn't aware that you went through this. I'm glad the dirty creep got busted for drugs!!

    Wishing you the best as you work through this.
  3. joyfully

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    I also didn't know that you went through this terrible experience. I'm send you a cyber hug. I'm so glad that they have caught him for something; it helps your credibility for your side of the story.

    This guy is a pastor???????????????/
  4. ckball

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    it just goes to show what goes around comes again.
    Hopefully you can put this behind you and go forward with lessons learned.

    Hope you enjoyed the track meet- Carla
  5. 69mach1

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    mini4me...yes a pastor and he was running for a school superintendent....creep!!!
    love jodie
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    google the person's name derek guyton, marin ij article, he is a pastor.....they way these people talk about him and his work...if they only knew about the other dirty deed he had done to me.
  7. 69mach1

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    glad you got a nice massage...i want one.

    the acquaintance rape i was told from the crisis line is the most difficult emotionally to get thru....then the night/day it happened i was supposed to start a late start class toward my degree...ticks me off...i had to cx it. how the heck could i even think.

    well i'm brain dead at this second...umm, it is sad that we all males/and females all need to be aware of our drinks. it has happened to friends of mine as well and my exhusband...he woke up w/5 women in a strange house....

    well gonnna focus on my math now after i get my jammies on, just a routine for me. i pray i get the formulas.

    take care

  8. sisland

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    I'm Glad your ok!,,,,,,,,,,S
  9. doxygirl

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    Iam happy for you that things are looking up where the case is concerned.....that is awful that you had to go through that!

    I have to enforce what you mentioned in this post as far as watching your drink at all times!

    When I was in my very early twenties I went to a club with a group of my friends.......there was a guy that kept hanging around me......and to make a long story short I had about a 1/2 glass of wine and could not talk, walk or think!

    Lucky for me my roomate took me straight home......I kept calling people on my phone asking them to help me....I was so drugged that I knew it but couldn't speak where anyone could understand.......

    the guy who I assume slipped me a drug....kept asking my friends where I went to ........

    The next day the paramedics had to take me to the hospital because my breathing was so labored still.......when I got to the ER the Dr told me that it was very stupid of me to mix alcohol and drugs!

    I was so mad................I would never have done that.....I did make a report about the guy what he looked like etc.....but don't know if they ever caught him......

    When I think back ...Iam so lucky that my roomate was able to think quickly and get me home to scares me to death to think what might have happened if he would have slid me out the back door without anyone seeing!

    Moral of the story is:

    ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR DRINK EVEN WHEN IT IS BEING MADE! (I think the bartender was paid to put in the drug or maybe was a friend of the guy who asked him to do it)!

    I hope that things keep on in the direction they are for you.......positive thoughts coming your way Jodie!;)