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    I am glad that Seabiscuit (on the NYT Bestsellers list) is coming out as a movie this summer with big stars in the cast. The author, Laura Hillenbrand who lives in Georgetown, Wash. DC has suffered for many years with CFS. So, she is getting tons of press and since the interviewers know about her illness, it is included in almost every article about her.

    I hope this once again raises awareness to our illness as it takes the media sometimes to get the word out.

    They talk about how she can rarely get out of bed and how long it took her to write this book. I have seen nothing but positive articles about her and CFS. So, just wanted to pass the info along in case some of you didn't know.

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    I will look for her book as I prefer to read over watching movies. Books seem to me to have more depth and development. Anyway, this news is so interesting to me as an avid reader and I would like to know more about Laura. Thanks for posting this...I will do a search and see if I can learn more about her and her book. I do admire people that overcome and she certainly is in that category. I hope the media will continue to be kind to her and she will find her new fame a rewarding experience. I will put her on my book list so I can read her book soon. This is good news that she can share about CFIDS with mass people through the media. A ray of hope that more people will understand us.
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    I live in the DC area and have actually corresponded with Laura. She seems very kind and is doing her best to get the correct information out about CFIDS. She was diagnosed at John's Hopkins.

    There are several articles out there on the book and her experiences with CFIDS. She came down with it pretty young, I believe 19 and was bedridden for the first couple of years completely. I think she's had CFIDS for 15 years or so. It took her four years to write the book and sometimes she was so dizzy she had to close her eyes while writing . . . the articles talk all about it. I am so happy for her.

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    of the book is "Betting on Seabiscuit" . . . it was a bestseller in hardback last year and is now out in paperback.
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    I live in Northern Va. near Dulles Airport. Maybe it's in the water :)

    The book Seabiscuit: An American Legend is the horse book she wrote. I looked up Betting on Seabiscuit and came up with a book? or article written about her battle.

    Is this a different book?

    Thanks for the extra info!