Good News and Bad News- Update

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Apr 18, 2003.

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    Hello everybody! Well, it's been an interesting week to say the least. On Monday, I called my doctor to ask for a refill of my meds and to ask for an antidepressant. Well, he cut my dosage way down. JERK!! I was taking 10 mg. Percocet/ 1 every 6 hours/ max of 4 per day, which was not enough to begin with. Now he went down to 7.5 mg. Percocet. max of 3 per day!! And I usually take 8 Ultram per day. He only gave me 40. And I am supposed to make these last until the 28th when he gets back from vacation. Yeah right!! He is so worried that I am going to become addicted. I just cannot get him to understand. We are waiting for my Medicaid to come though so that I can get an MRI to find out what is wrong with my back before he starts giving me more meds. I guess that I can kind of understand from his point of view. I want to get rid of him though because he is not listening to me. But I just filed for disability and he has been with me for so long now, it seems like it would be worse if I got someone else.

    The good news is that I started taking 20 mg. Paxil. And I am not sure but I think it is helping somewhat. I have definatly become more tired and disorientated. But I am not crying and all depressed like I usually am.

    On Monday, I actually had a fluke day. I was 90% pain free! So, I kind of over did it. I went shopping and did some errands and cleaning, etc. So since then I have been paying for it BIG TIME!! I have not quite learned my limits yet. It's so hard to tell. I have not been able to sit or stand for longer than 5 minutes and definatly cannot drive. I have all new aches and pains. From my head to my toes. Literally. I almost went to the ER last night because it was so bad. But I didn;t want to have to wait there for hours and hours.

    On Wednesday, I did my phone interview with the disability people. So now I will send in my paperwork and wait. She said that it will probably take 4-6 months! Yuck!! I just got my last unemployment check this week. On the bottom it said that Bush passed a law that extends the payments for 13 weeks. But I also NEED to get Medicaid. And I can';t get that if I am still receiving an income. Decisions, Decisions!!

    Well, thanks for letting me vent. I am so frustated right now. But I do have faith that I will someday have other days like last Monday. That's what keeps me going. I hope that you are all doing OK. Write me if you have any recommendations for me. I'd love to hear it!

    Love and Hugs,
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    Sounds like a mixed bag! Sorry you are hurting from overdoing...I know that temptation too well, as I am sure all here, do!
    Sorry to hear about your Docs paranoia----and your med cut. Mine thankfully doesn't sing the addiction song, but last appointment he said I was peaking on doseage, and if I needed to go up or change to stronger meds--he would refer me to a pain management Doc. I have heard some good things about the pain management docs...and some not so good stories. It has me concerned.

    I understand you not wanting to switch Docs right now, I think you are right on that decision. Not only that your MRI might reveal something that makes him more comfortable with your pain meds.

    I just started an antidepressant--going on my 2nd month now....I stubbornly refused help until it had gotten way out of hand. I feel so much better now--wish I hadn't made myself suffer so long. Glad you are feeling better with yours.

    Hope you have another good day soon (dont overdo this time <wink>. Sorry you are feeling frustrated, but I know venting helps relieve the tension, sometimes.

    Best wishes,
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    my doc was talking to me about paxil last appt. I do not feel that I am depressed but i do not sleep. Let me know if the paxil helps in the sleeping arena. I am at my witts end with this racing mind. All is well in the pain area, well being is good...just need some zzzzzzzzzzz's.
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    I don't think you will want to hear my recommendations--and I hope you don't take it the wrong way.

    I read your bio and see that you are only 25. I am in a LOT of pain each day, too; however, I can understand why your doctor is concerned about your medication and is cutting it down.

    For a person your age to be taking 4 - 10 mg. Percocets and 8 Ultrams per day is quite a bit! I, too, would be concerned for you about addiction. It will get you before you know it.

    I would be wanting him to help me find other ways to ease the pain. Like going into physical therapy. Taking therapy in the warm water classes is wonderful. There are many other pain relieving methods that could be tried. Maybe you could have him recommend you to a Pain Management doctor.

    You might have something else wrong where he thinks you need this type of medication, though. I don't know. But, pretty soon, the Percocets and Ultrams won't cut it any more, and you will need more and more stronger narcotics to ease your pain. You don't want to be spaced out every day, do you? After you receive your Medicaid, ask about what type of rehabilitation program is available in your area that you would be a candidate for to help ease your pain.

    Please don't get irritated with me. I only have your best interest at heart.

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    I thank you for your concern. Everything that you said was very thoughtful. I am not offended. I do not want to have to take such strong narcotics. My mother has been on oxycontin for the past 6 years. A couple of months ago, her pain clinic cut her off cold-turkey. And I saw what that did to her. I literally thought that she was going to die.

    I have been taking Ultram on and off for the past 4 years or so. I have chronic pelvic pain with traces of endometriosis. Unfortunatly, my pain is now much more intense and in many other places than my abdomen. The Ultram only works when my pain is very moderate, And I haven't had a moderate pain day in months. I have tried dozens of weaker pain meds with no relief. He did not just instantly give me the percocet. And like you said, the longer I take these meds, the stronger meds I will need. And, unfortunatly, that has definatly been the case. But I do not have a choice.

    No offense, but just because I am 25 , it does not mean that my pain is any less than anyone else's. And I honestly do think that I probably have a more serious problem with my back such as degenerative disks. But in the mean time, while I am waiting to get the right medical coverage to have an MRI, I am suffering in pain everyday. I have been bed-ridden. I cannot even get downtown to set up my Medicaid.

    I am VERY interested in having my life back. I do everything I can on a daily basis besides taking pain meds. I do stretches, yoga, occassional walking, etc. I eat a healthy diet and take many different holistic medicines. I do have a game plan set up with my doctor about what we are going to do once I get coverage. I am not just settling for the fact that pain meds are going to heal me. And I am not worried about the addictions. There are ways to cut down gradually on meds do that there are little or no withdrawl symptoms.

    Yes I am young. I did not ask for this to happen to me, I had so many dreams and goals that have been POSTPONED in a major way for me. I say POSTPONED because I do have faith that this will get better. And until then, I will take it one day at a time and do my best to take care of ME!!