Good news at the Dr. today,he`s going to give me another chance

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    I am sooooo relieved, i simply told him how i was treated,and that he would be getting a letter from him about my visit to him. i said i hope he`s nicer to you than he was to me. he told me to come back and get another presc. when the one i had ran out. i just knew if he could see me,he`d know i was not lying. he really is a compassionate Dr. thats why i couldn`t understand why he flipped on me. guess he was having a bad day.again thans to all who ansered my post. i`m fixing to post another one,i could really use imput in it. NJE ((((((HUGS)))) TO ALL
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    I'm so glad this guy came to his senses. You will have to be absolutely rigid about your use of medication from now on. That's just the way it is with docs and pain meds, unfortunately.

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    I think aLL people misread each other at some time or another.Happy for you.Linda