**Good News for Atkins Followers**

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    Finally, the medical field is coming to agreement with the Atkins way of weight loss. It's just a shame he's not here to see it happen. (I'll paste the info in below...this info is also on the news and in various mags and newspapers.)

    New Research Proves Atkins Works!

    Dr. Robert Atkins would be smiling!

    Right up until his death little more than one month ago, Dr. Atkins fought for peer recognition of his low-carb eating
    program. Vindication appears to be at hand. New research indicates you'll lose weight faster without raising your
    cholesterol by following a low-carb eating regimen.

    What may be the best pro-Atkins findings to date come from a pair of studies recently published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

    The bottom line: men and women following the Atkins approach lost twice the weight as those individuals following a highly respected low-fat diet.

    The principle investigator of the year-long study, which was conducted at three institutions, is the main researcher who oversees the weight-loss program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

    The Atkins diet is the most popular, longstanding approach to weight loss in this country...perhaps in the world, Dr. Gary Foster tells eDiets. Nobody had evaluated it with a randomized controlled trial. We?re not talking about just
    low-carb diets -- we're talking about the Atkins diet.

    We had people do the Atkins diet in terms of giving them the book and providing minimal support. People did it in a
    self-help way, not with weekly meetings or additional support. Like many of his peers in the field of nutrition and weight control, Dr. Foster says he had his doubts about shedding pounds on a high-fat, high-protein diet. He admits to being as surprised as anyone else by the findings.

    Seeing is believing and Dr. Foster hopes the outcome of his study will push other medical experts to take a second look at the revolutionary Atkins plan.

    I was very skeptical," Dr.Foster says. "I assumed that if you ate a high-fat diet you might lose weight because you're restricting your choices, but that you would likely get unfavorable effects on cholesterol. I was surprised by the findings.

    I think doctors and dietitians are reasonable. They'll look at this for what it is. These are exciting findings. It's a
    treatment alternative for many Americans who are obese.

    New Research Proves Atkins Works!

    According to Colette Heimowitz, director of education and research for Atkins Health and Medical Information Services, researchers are finally coming to terms with what Dr. Atkins and his supporters have known all along: no single weight loss approach works for everyone.

    After 30 years of the common wisdom being that low fat was the only way to go for a healthier lifestyle and weight control, these findings will offer people who have failed on a low-fat diet a healthy and safe alternative," Heimowitz tells eDiets. "The one-fits-all hypothesis has clearly not addressed a major part of the population, based on the statistics that 64.5 percent of the population is overweight or obese.

    I'm not surprised about the results. That's what we see in clinical practice. I'm glad it's in a prestigious medical
    journal so more health professionals may find comfort in recommending Atkins to their clients.

    This vindication of sorts comes some 30 years after Dr.Atkins first began touting his popular meat-and-no potatoes approach to weight loss and improved health. But the nutritional approach hat the eggheads have long shunned has been eagerly embraced by the masses. Since 1972, more than 15 million overweight men and women have bought Dr. Atkins' best-selling New Diet Revolution.

    One of the biggest obstacles to widespread acceptance has been the charge that the Atkins approach would raise cholesterol levels. The new research says followers of the Atkins plan have higher levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and triglycerides, while their LDL cholesterol levels --as well as their blood pressure -- were no different than followers of a low-fat diet.

    All of their assumptions about what would happen as far as health risks are concerned with a low-carb program did not happen," Heimowitz notes. "So before they assume anything, they should read the literature and let the science speak for itself.

    All of the claims about dangers of this program -- when studied properly -- do not show up.

    In general, Atkins followers lost an average of 9 pounds more than their low fat-eating counterparts. Not only did they shed more weight, but they also did so without depriving themselves of flavorful and filling foods like red meat, cheese, poultry, fish, nuts and vegetables.

    The study does show that those who followed the Atkins approach gained about one-third the weight back at the end of the year.(Similar results held true for followers of the low-fat diets.)However, these people were doing the Atkins Nutritional Approach without any outside support. Other studies have concluded that when dieters enjoy support they are more likely to achieve lasting weight loss....

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    Thanks for posting this. Makes good reading and importantly addresses people's concerns about high cholesterol.

    My son was very ill years back. Hasn't completely recovered and though living a SEEMINGLY normal life he wasn't. He had a weight problem, comfort eating (carbs), and periods when he was really struggling physically.

    He's gone on this diet for a second time now. He's losing weight at a good but steady rate but more importantly his energy levels have gone up, he really needed this.
    His father was aways yo-yoing from diets to overeating agian. Never got his weight down to a healthy level from 25 to mid 50s. He's been on a similar diet for a few years now. His weight has gone down and stayed there. My son tells me he is also calmer these days, less mood swings so no doubt his blood sugar level is more stable.


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    I feel a bit better on this diet. You do not have to over do it with the fats that you feel uncomfortable about. It's right there in the Adkins book if you want to avoid that. Personally I don't care for greasy food like sausage so I avoided much of that.

    Different things work for different people and I am glad I know about this. I have maintained my weight loss give or take 5 pounds for one year.
    Soon I will go back on it stricktly and get the rest of what I need to lose off.

  4. Mikie

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    Thanks for the article. Dr. Atkins seemed like such a nice, caring man that I was happy he was vindicated before his death. I'm sure wherever he is, he knows what a huge contribution he has made to health with his diet.

    Love, Mikie
  5. ssMarilyn

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    My anxiety and depression stops completey when I follow the Atkins way of eating. I tried the NutriSystem diet a couple of times and I lost weight on it, but was in a constant state of nervousness and was very restless. That was due to all the carbs and processed foods I ate. All in all Atkins is the best because it's "real" food and how can real food hurt me? I just believe in this so much. I've used Atkins since the 70's, and now, due to smartening up at the age of 52, will make it a permanent way of life, with an occasional treat! (it's never too late to improve our health by changing our diets)

    Mikie, I'm sure Dr. Atkins knows about this news, but would still have liked to see it happen before he died. He worked so hard for this for so many years and was repeatedly scoffed at by the medical profession. It feels good to see them eating their words now. :)

    Marilyn :)
  6. klutzo

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    Do you know of any chain stores, grocery or drug, that carry the Atkins bars?
    I have been using Carb Solutions brand bars since being on the diet, but Atkins are SO much better.
    I just had my last Atkins bar...chocolate decadence...YUM. A protein bar is what gets me through the 6 or 7 hours from lunch to dinner.
    Thanks for any ideas, Klutzo

    P.S. The reason I don't want to order them from the Atkins catalogue is that I live in Florida, and they would no doubt arrive melted!
  7. AnnetClo

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    One of the guys here in our office is on the Atkins diet and he buys those bars at Walmart. Don't know if every store carries them, but it's worth a try.

  8. ssMarilyn

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    Our local grocery store carries them, Super Valu, but I don't know if you even have that chain where you live. WalMart is your best bet.

    Marilyn :)
  9. momkatmax

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    AND the Atkins diet helps control/kill out Canadensis yeast!
  10. Mikie

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    Actually, the good doctor was starting to be vindicated before his death and it made him so happy. He was on a lot of talk shows just prior to his death because the medical community was starting to come around to his way of thinking. I'm sure too that he knows what is happening here.

    Love, Mikie
  11. ForeverFlaring

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    I think this info was already well known by Atkins followers. My mother, father, sister, and I went on Atkins. Combined the 4 of us lost 240 pounds in 6 months. Before the diet my father was having to check his blood sugar three times a day and was eating a diet based on 1800 calorie ADA recommendations. His cholesterol wasn't sky high but the doctor had warned him.

    Within the first month of my father going on the diet he no longer had to check his blood sugar. His cholesterol shot down dramatically, even though eating lots of meats and butter, and other high fat content foods.

    Four years later he has sold his Accucheck machine. All of us gained weight back after going off the diet, but the effects of the diet were rewarding for my father the most.

    I never read any of the new Atkins books, but I did have a copy of the old original one. Dr. Atkins foreward in the book is very compelling and makes perfect sense.

    I think that alot of the fighting against the whole diet by medical practioners and the ADA was unfounded. The only reason I can see for them to fight the whole concept is that they would know they sold Americans on a huge lie of dietary recommendations. Americans are more health conscious than ever. Everywhere we go, we see low fat foods right next to normal foods. Why then, are Americans more obese than ever before?

    OK, I am getting off my soapbox here. If you couldn't tell by now, I am very much for the Atkins regimen. It is a way of eating for life though.
  12. ssMarilyn

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    Those of us that lost weight and lowered our cholesterol by following Dr. Atkins advice did believe him with all our hearts, but the media and medical profession at times mocked him. He has now been vindicated and this is a wonderful day for the Atkins fans!

    P.S. Most important, (to me) my family and friends can NO LONGER tell me I'm eating dangerously and I need to eat a low fat diet instead, nor can they scoff the good doctor and say he's nuts. This is my victory too.

    P.P.S. Note that the studies show that even though many Atkins dieters gain their weight back, it's the same percentage as other diet groups. This is because we get weak and go back to eating processed foods again. It's imperative we strictly limit processed foods as just occasional treats, or we will gain weight and have to go back to the induction level of the Atkins diet.

    Marilyn :)
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  13. MemoryLane

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    Waaaay back in the 60's. There was a product called Metracal and later Sego, I think made by Carnation. These were the predecessors of Slim-Fast. They were almost entirely made up of oil and milk, with vitamins and minerals added, yet they worked well. When I went to Weight Watchers years ago and this fact was revealed, it made everyone ill at the thought of what we used to drink.

    Yet when I was an overweight pre-teen, I drank this for breakfast or ate their cookies and along with salads and their canned meals, which were very good, I lost 25 pounds in one month. My mother was on it too; my Dad was in Viet Nam at the time, so we wanted to surprise him when he came home. We even indulged and went to Burger King every Saturday and had a Whopper or a Whaler (their fish sandwich) with fries and a soft-drink and still lost that weight.

    I think the world has turned on it's axis!



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  14. MemoryLane

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    To have the New England Journal of Medicine publish this research was quite an accomplishment in itself.

    They have refused to publish any articles on CFIDS or FMS!