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    Dear All,
    A month or so ago I posted a request for ideas because my insurance company had stopped paying for my Acupuncture treatments, which are my only treatment for the pain of Fibro and RA (due to allergies).

    Well I got lots of good ides, and I gathered courage to appeal their decision. I almost didn't ,because I figuered that I was lucky that they paid for 10 months. But, I did.

    The other day they told me that they had reversed their decision, and I could continue my treatments. I was lucky that a person on the committee had Fibro (although I'm sorry for her, I'm glad she was there).

    Initially, I was afraid the whole thing would lead to lawyers , and lots of stress. However, all I did was get a letter from my doctor and send a cover letter that I wrote, explainng how crippled I would be without the treatmets, and that they helped me remain independent and live at home. I also made phone calls. Then I trid to let it go.

    I write this, in the hope that it might help people who are facing similar circumstances with their insurance companies, and to , once again, thank those who helped.

    God bless you all,

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    That is terrific and good for you! You should be very proud of yourself. Best of luck with your continued treatments.

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