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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Mikie

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    I saw my ENT to discuss the results of my sinus scan. There were a few small shadows in the sinus cavities but nothing he thinks requires surgery. This is such good news for me. I've had one sinus infection after another for months. If I get another one, he wants to see me so he can see just what is going on. I am due for my colonoscopy and just didn't want two procedures close together which require anesthesia. More good news--the ENT was able to get my salivary glands to express saliva. The dry mouth may just be a side effect of my BP meds.

    Thurs., I see my GYN for my routine checkup. My mammo is done and results were normal. My eye doc is keeping watch on my dry-eye situation, which has improved slightly. I have a followup with the dermatologist and I think a couple of the cancrers near my hairline have come back after the topical chemo. Oy! It's always something with us.

    Once I get all these appts. out of the way, I think I'll see my FMS/CFIDS specialist to follow up on the Sjorgen's question. There's no hurry there because if I do have it, it hasn't manifested sufficiently to be diagnosed. All we can do is treat the symptoms, which I'm doing now.

    I'll be looking for a new PCP as soon as I get all this out of the way. I'll be glad when I've taken care of these appts. and tests. Seems as we get older, it takes more and more maintenance just to keep us going. I guess the key idea is to keep us going so I'm going to quit whining :)

    Hope everyone here is doing well. As y'all know, I keep everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  2. jole

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    Sounds like everything is checking out well so far! That's great news...and hope the dermatologist turns out as well. I'm starting to look at going to the doctor as less of maintenance and more of a social life! Prayers back at ya.....Jole
  3. Mikie

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    That's funny. I always joke that the visit to the GYN is the only action I get. Come to think of it, it's the truth. How pathetic is that :) Thanks for the laugh.

    Love, Mikie

    BILLCAMO New Member

    to hear from you Mikie !

    Yep , it's always seems there's something for all of

    At least , I don't have to endure a mammo..... ;>)

    I also hope all are doing good....or at least hanging in there !

    (IMHO , there is sometimes a "fine line" between hanging in there & hanging on by a long as a person tries , it's the former.).

    Blessings ,

  5. Mikie

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    Jole, I responded to you on another post. The post to which you referred was wiped out my my slightly brushing the touchpad on my new laptop. It didn't seem to me to be that sensitve; maybe I just had tired palms to match the rest of me :)

    Bill, always good to see your posts too. Now that I have most of the maintenance behind me (no pun intended as I've yet to get my colonoscopy :) I'm feeling better.

    Trip to GYN was all normal and he even said if I have problems once I've completely off my hormones, he'll prescribe a patch. On my off days, I'm taking pregnenalone and it's really helping but I hate the idea of taking something that critical OTC. I've done research on it, though, and the docs involved in using it are reporting good results. Guess the body, in it's wisdom, only makes its hormones from this basic-building-block hormone as it needs. So far, so good. I didn't realize they had x-ray equipment at that office. I got my Dexascan and spin x-ray while I was there. I have osteopenia in my left hip.

    I ordered a light therapy gizmo online from Costco. It uses the blue and red lights like the dermatologists use for acne, which I don't have, and aging, which I do have. It's about half price online thru Costco and I felt it was worth the $100. My daughter has one and swears by it. Testimonials on the product were good on several sights not selling it. It's called an ANSR. It came with three tubes of cleansing wash which is heavenly. I'm charging it now and will wash my face and try it out. I took a close up pic of my face before, AACK, so I can compare results.

    Wishing good health to everyone.

    Love, Mikie