GOOD NEWS Gene testing for drug tolerence

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Marta608, Jul 19, 2006.

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    This morning there was a segment on NPR about genetic testing now being done to determine how an individual metabolizes certain drugs and/or classes of drugs. It seems that they're finding (no news to us, huh?) that some people just don't metabolize certain drugs as they should so may they need much smaller doses to be effective. They are also finding that some people are not helped by certain types of drugs at all, that the drug only produces negative side effects rather than doing the job intended. That would also be correct....

    This process is called "pharmacogenetics", or at least that's it sounded like, and costs - now wait, let me finish - $300 - $600 but is often covered by insurance.

    I found this to be very good news considering how many of us have taken costly meds that have made us more sick or haven't helped us at all.

    Slowly but surely we move forward.


    Reading JoeB7th's post reminded me that we don't all have insurance or the money to afford these tests. I apologize for my momentary insensitivity - but I still think the test is progress.

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    I agree with you and hopefully what cost alot today will be alot less tomorrow.
    I to was touched by Joeb7ths post.
    I find this very interesting and will watch for more news on it thank you
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    Whew! Gigi, I'm amazed that you aren't in Atlanta in a high tower with a rifle aimed at the CDC. As a matter of fact, while your history is so sad, it's a testament to your persistence and wonderful strength.

    So many illnesses over time have been misdiagnosed - I think of MS as one example - that's it's really a wonder we have faith in doctors anymore at all. Wait. Do we??

    At the same time, one hears of unimaginable sacrifice and contributions to society on the part of other health professionals. Hopefully, in some skewed overview of these things, it all balances out eventually.

    I'm glad you're doing well now. We were, I'm sure, less well off without you in the world.


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