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    I wrote a letter concerning my disability to my doctor. and he is going to write me a letter stating i have therotic and lower chronic back pain and also that i live with daily arm and shoulder pain . I think he is going to add everything i put on the list since its all related to my current health issues. he also said he would right the struggles ive had with all this dd and that i can no longer work. sure hope this helps ! I dont know if i could take it getting denied a third time. any thoughts please?
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    thanks nancy i sure hope it helps. I have had a hard enough time just living with all this pain. cant wait to get physical therapy or someone who knows how to message for myofacial pain. all this pain driving me crazy. was wondering if any of you think i should have more family members sign my letters that my husband friend and daughters are writing. like my son inlaws and others who no me.
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    bump for me lol
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    i would get one if i was you....

    i looked up your age, the younger you are usually the more things you need to be wrong with you...i had to battle the first ssdi closed case from 2002 through hearing on 7/04...i eventuallly won in a sense that i had to accept a closed period and not an on going one....i coulding beleieve it but the judge thought maybe i was getting better since my divorce was final on 2/04....ha ha..

    so i had to refile and i did win this time and i am on current pay status still waiting for the award letter with the decision basis, but right now the money is where it counts most here.... read my bio i think that is a pretty accuarate i have the anxiety,and depression and some mris etc xrays and surgeries on both shoulders and looking at both feet....

    well get an attorney i would say it is worth the money....but it is your choice,,,,it sure is less stressful and the attorneys get to know th least mine did...

    good luck


    plus you haen't mentioned that you have seeen specialist alj love that....get a free consult at minimum...

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    I do have a attorney
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