good news in the midst of feeling so sick

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    Even though I feel like garbage with this constant sore throat, swollen glands, and flu-like feeling, I have some great news which helped me to feel better emotionally today.

    I work in the hospital as a nurses aid, and I graduate from nursing school in May. I applied for several positions, one of which was on the unit I'm currently working on (cardiac). Well, I heard from HR today, and I was offered the position on my unit for the hours I wanted! Needless to say, I accepted the offer! I'm so excited and scare and happy and nervous all at the same time.

    Now I just really want to get this disease in check before I begin my career. I graduate May 24th, and I'll begin my new position as a graduate nurse on June 18th. I have an appointment next friday, the 9th, with my infectious disease doctor, and I'm really hoping he can help me this time. He's very supportive, but has done absolutely nothing to help me as of yet. So, we'll see how this next appointment goes. I truly hope it's not going to be another waste of a co-pay, which has so conveniently gone up since the new year.

    I'll keep you all posted on how my appointment next week goes. It can't get here fast enough!

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    Graduating and getting the job you want are wonderful things.

    Hope you feel better soon too...


    Nancy B
  3. TinaJones

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    That is great news! Congrats on making it through nursing school and getting a great position - especially with dealing with an illness.

    I really hope your doctor can help you get to a somewhat "stable" place, health-wise. Let us know how your doc appt. goes.

    Congrats again on some fantastic news!! -Tina
  4. hi kim.congratulations on getting the job,yery well done girl,im so proud of you.
    but always keep in mind,your illness and its limitations,thats what i do.if we never forget that we will crash and burn if we over do the mental pysical thing,then we can live with this illness,keep our job,and earn a living.

    sending you love and hugs from across the sea.

    love fran
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    I sincerely hope and pray the doctor has more for you next Friday. It's frustrating to go and come home with nothing more. We had more luck with the doc who saw my son...he's the one with CFS. We had been to our regular family doc, and basically, there was nothing he could do. The other doc is a regular MD with a natural bent, so he treats both ways.....naturally and/or conventionally. We did 6 months of Cortef for his adrenals and I couldn't tell if that really helped. I think the main thing was the removal of his mercury fillings. It was a year before we saw the improvement, but now his brain fog is gone. So he has really improved! I hope the same thing happens for you.........Terri
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    I am thrilled you got the position you wanted---Congratulations!!. I have a true respect for nurses and nursing in general, after having Leukemia this past spring & summer. I had wonderful care in the hospital, from nurses aides, my general nurses and my chemo nurses, especially. They work long hours and put up with a lot! Not from me, though, I can honestly say---I think I was the lowest-maintenence Leukemia patient they'd ever had, from what they told me. I was determined, when I learned my diagnosis, to get through everything with grace and class, and always have a smile on my face when I saw my nurses---they have enough to deal with without a patient bugging them all the time!!

    Anyway, I am very happy for you---I bet you are a little nervous, but that's natural---you'll do a wonderful job, I'm sure!!



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