Good News... YAY. And ?? about fibro clinics

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by diva2mi, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    I am going to keep this short as possible as I am sick with cold/flu? and 101 degree fever... I tend to run on at the mouth as my mother would say... LOL...

    I went for my check-in appt. at school at the beginning of the year. I told the doctor that the Rhuematology dept. had been giving me the run around since beginning of year. She told me they are no longer accepting patients with Fibromyalgia or Arthritis or other problems. Since it is a University hospital, the are doing studies only on Lupus and a few other items. I was so dissapointed.

    She said that she had to refer me to the Rheumy dept. anyway to go through the red tape of insurance. Also, that they would contact me with their decision. Well, I kept this at back of my mind and have been waiting to hear from them... and waiting. Finally today, I gave up and called then Rheumy dept. They had decided to refer to another place.

    I asked if they had tried to call me, but she kept me on hold for about 20 minutes to even find my referral form. Success! They referred me to a fibro clinic here in Chicago, not to far from my house. I am so happy... and insurance will take care of it since it was a referral. I am so happy I am about to cry. Finally, something good happenns to me after so long of being depressed and not feeling like much...

    The best news, the clinic had a few cancelations for next Monday, so I get to go right in...

    Now, my question to y'all. What happens at these clinics? Are all Fibro clinics a little different? The lady I spoke with at the clinic said that I have an hour appt. with the doctor and then an hour appt. with the social worker.

    Guess, I do run on at the mouth :)... but had to get my excitement out!
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  2. diva2mi

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    are linked from the clinic's homepage... yay!
  3. ilovecats94

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    I'm hoping this clinic will be of help to you. I have never been to a FMS clinic only a pain specialist who didn't help me at all. Just wasted a lot of my time.

    That is great that you get to go there on Monday. Really do hope it helps you to feel better.

  4. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member


    Thank you for your kind comments about earlier posts as well. That really help to make my day. And you are SO right that I am an over-achiever. LOL! You're not the first to tell me so, but I love to teach. It invigorates me, no matter the age of my students... They are great! The exchange of ideas that a proper course environment can produce is just wonderful!

    Yes, I am staying home, but seems that I have found many ways to get into trouble here in Illinois if needed! Ha. I welcome your prayers and will pray for you as well. I have so many good friends who care about me. A good friend took me out to dinner last night at a cheap Mexican place and for desserts across the street. Since he is becoming a florist, he gave me a HUGE boquet (Sp?) of Lillies... because I have a cat named Lilly who he used to take care of when I wasn't in town.

    I hope that I handled everything well. It seems that he is leaving town next miercoles and that will be just fine with me. An early Christmas present!!!

    Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I hope that this works out. It is sort of my last hope with doctors. Am about ready to give up on all of them.

    I hope that you have an excellent holiday with your family and / or friends. I will keep you informed about the success of the clinic, though it may not happen right away.

    Cheers and warm thoughts to both of you!

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    couldn't hurt to go...

    sounds like a good step i the right direction.

  6. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

  7. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Diva! That's great to get a referal that your insurance company will like. Nothing like taking that worry off your plate!

    I don't think there is a Fibro and Fatigue Center in Chicago .... But to be sure you can google them and their home page will come up.

    Also, as far as I know, they don't do any counseling, therapy or social work at the FFC's either. They do pull tons of blood work and go over a multi-page questionaire that you will fill out prior to you appointment. Probably come out of first apt with some tentative diagnosis'.

    Your labs will be taken care of right away ... but your doctor office visit has to be paid for up front and the FFC supplies you with the proper forms for you to file a claim yourself ... if you choose to do so. Probably get an "out of network" billing ... ins. pays 60% - 80%.

    There was a fibro clinic in Knoxville that openned up not too long ago, but they are not the same as FFC. They also do psych therapy and massage work, etc. (I mentioned this because I'm in Tn. ... Thought about going briefly, but I'm happy with my team of docs.)

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving .... Good luck with your appt. on Monday. Let us know about the clinic and if it was everything you want it to be.

    Take care,

  8. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    I had written a response to you and it dissapeared or I deleted it accidentally or something. Thanks for taking time to answer and the postive thoughts. Sometimes just a positive thought or two from someone makes a difference in a day.

    Just today I received some questions from my students via email. Along with their questions, a few students wrote to me that they enjoyed my class and enjoyed my dry wit... (now, they could be just writing this in order to get a good grade as it is towards the end of the quarter, but I am trying to think good of these kids :))

    So thanks, Jodieplace! Hope that you are having a good holiday season.

    Thanks to you for taking the time to offer some help as well. The clinic does have a website and it is very informative. I am glad that you have a good team of docs. That makes all the difference in the world. My doctor at school tries hard, but she is the head doctor and is charge of the student clinic and tends to be quite busy. They didn't say anything about taking blood tests the first visit, they just want me to fill out many papers.

    Tennesse is a beautiful state! I had cousins that lived there for quite a while before recently moving a little north.

    I hope that you are having a good holiday season with your friends and / or family as well. Thanks again for posting.

  9. maxsy1221

    maxsy1221 New Member

    Hi Diva....
    I don't know if this is good news for you or not but....
    The FCC centers everyone else has been going to, might not be the same for you. I too suffer from FM\CFS and I contacted the FCC center to see where I can go to near me....I live in St. Charles Illinois.....I was told that even tho they have centers all over and are building centers inmany states...Illinois was not one of them yet!! At least not til a year from now. So.....the only Fibro center I know about in Illinois is over on Elston ave. somewhere...I've never gone but heard radio commercials a long time ago......I haven't gone simply because it would be such a drive for me if i had to go often. If it's near your house that's great! I pray it works for you!! Please keep us posted and if it works for just may be worth the gas and time to go. I'm just to exhausted, so here I sit!!!! God I hope it works for you!!! Can you please tell me the name of clinic?? As I said....I only heard of the one clinic......thanx!!
  10. gramaT

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    I too live in Illinois, only down in Peoria. I didnt know there was a FFC in Chicago. I hope someday to get to one of them. I am 56 and have had this DD for 12 years or so.
    This bitter cold weather is killin me. My hubby moved my son in the Army to TX and it is around 80 degrees there now. I sure wish I could have gone there too.:)

    Thanks for the post and how you are getting in to the DR.

    Blessings, Carolyn
  11. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    I hope that this finds you okay... Yes, it is the one on Elston. The funny thing about it all is that my ex and I drove by it a few times when we would go fishing. There is a great bait shop close by the clinic.

    I would express my wish that I could somehow make it one day to that clinic... didn't think that my school would EVER refer me there. Guess I got my answer.

    I will let you know, Maxsy, and the rest, about my visit on Monday. My grandmother and father are so happy that they are trying not to dance. My grandmother is 93 and can still cut a rug if neccesary, but it is hard on her hips... :)

    Thanks for taking time to respond!


    P.S. the name of the clinc is The Paragon Clinic.
  12. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    Thanks so much for your response. What part of Texas did your son move to? I am orginally from Houston and it is quite humid all year 'round there. Didn't do to well.

    The bitter cold here is killing me too. If it is this cold already in November, we are in for one heck of a winter!

    I will have to drive to doctors straight from giving my students their final oral exams. So it will be a long day.

    I am so sorry that you have had this DD for 12 long years. I feel sometimes that it has been an eternity since I was diagnosed and it hasn't been as nearly as long as you.

    Warm wishes and hugs to you.


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