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    I found out today that my Daddy will get to come home tomorrow. They are going to run a pulmanary test on him, to see how his oxygen level is with movement. He will probably still have to have oxygen at home. He took it off and moved around the room and cleaned up in the bathroom it really tired him out and it was hard breathing. He is more like my Daddy now cracking jokes. The Dr. seems to think he will be ok to go home. As I said before my brother lives off of my Dad, and he is not reliable. When I called to check on him on Sunday he said he was feeling better. If my husband and I had not went to check on him I don't think I would have him now. My brother was not even there when we got there.

    I mentioned yesterday that in 4-6 weeks they are going to take my Grandson because he is getting to long and my son's fiance' cannot carry him as he will start to push on his diaphram and she would not be able to breath. Well guess what? Today they called my husband to come and get our Granddaughter as she needed to go to the hospital (her and her mother) she could not breath.

    Now understand my husband met them at white castle when he was leaving with our granddaughter they pulled into the drive thru.

    Once again there was nothing wrong, since this all started she has been to the hospital 6 times. Each time they found nothing wrong. This has happened after a Drs. appointment that they have said it is possible that something could happen the next day or two, she has it happen.

    She kept telling me a month ago that she was having contractions and that they would do nothing for it. I said "so the Dr. said that they where contractions?" She said "no she said that they are bladder spasms, Mom said that they are contractions."

    My son says that he loves her and she can be a really sweet girl. My son has custody of his daughter from his past marriage and she seems to love her and my son. I just worry.

    God bless; Pam
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