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    After an intense battle between my short term disability insurance company who stated that they never received reports from my CFS doctor , my CFS doctor's office [who never sent the reports]and me who aggravated them both of them. I am going to receive my back disability pay. They just called me today. They said they put the check in the mail Monday. I am amazed!
    They tried to discredit the cardio pulmonary stress test that Dr. Lapp did in December. According to Dr. Lapp, I had a 35% whole person impairment at that time and I rapidly declined in the months following that test. The pulmonologist who reviewed my test for the insurance company said that I had very little to no impairment. I fought with my primary CFS doctor [not Dr. Lapp] to continue to work but she said that at the rate I was declining, I would be disabled long term in less than 12 months so I took a 12 week leave of absence. I am now working but having continued difficulty. I am so grateful for some good news. Abgela
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    Hi Abgela,

    I want to send my congratualtion - what an ordeal, but you perserved - that is so wonderful!

    It's a great feeling to prevail!

    God Bless,

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    What wonderful news.

    Take care,


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