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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I have made some progress in the last few days. On Friday, I finally talked my doctor into giving me Lortab to help with the pain, instead of just the Ultram. He only gave me 12 and told me to take a maximum of 2 A DAY!!! Oh well, beggers can't be choosers. It's a start!! Today, I dragged myself out, even though I feel like death. I went downtown, fought through the panic attacks and pain, and picked up an application for Medicaid. I also called and started the ball rolling for disability benefits. It was recommended to me that I do not state that my reason for applying was my FMS/CFD's. So I said that I have a "extreme panic disorder, and chronic body pain". Hopefully that will work in my favor. It's not a lie!! Please everyone say a little prayer for me and send some good vibes over here to Central New York. I have a telephone appointment on April 18th. I will keep you all up to date about how it went. Also, if any of you had luck with this, can you give me any words of wisdom? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot!!!

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    You are right, total body pain is no lie! It took four years for me to get disability. I had to see a psychiatrist several times. The first one said it was all in my head...the second one believed me several years later. I was in a lot of pain that day and could not concentrate. Plus, I had been fired from my job the week before, due to lack of concentration and pain meds interfearing with my job duties. I took a copy of that with me as I had my supervisor write out in a formal document stating why I was fired. I had been turned down twice before that for disability. Don't become discouraged, just keep trying. The hard part is the stress it puts you through. But keep trying. It isn't great being on disability either, but at least when I hurt no one can force me to work when I hurt all over. Sorry this isn't very upbeat, just the truth. Hang in there and have if possible, a good day!
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    Good luck with everything. You are in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie