Good Oils/Bad Oils-- Omega 3's & 6's

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by jaminhealth, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Good to see Coconut Oil high here as I use it mainly for so much:
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    The link doesn't work, Jamin!
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    I recently bought a big jar of coconut oil but I still can't bring myself to use it. It seems so wrong to be eating saturated fat!
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    TL, I don't know why that link won't open. I'll try to repost it, sometimes these links don't work for some tech reason.

    CO is one of the best saturated fats for us....did you do a read on all the sites on CO, I'm sure you did.
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    Let's see if this will work, if not, copy and paste into search engine and the link will come up:

    TL, in the years I was involved with the Weston Price Foundation support groups here, CO was a big oil they talked about so much...the group leader would even bring in big tubs for people to bring their jars and buy their organic CO.

    This Foundation also talks so much about the cholesterol myth.

    It's hard to understand for a lot of us, Weston Price's Dr. Mary Enig, Phd is a major oil research person and Price foundation has a lot of info on CO and you can do a search for them too.

    The Price foundation has seminars around the U.S. all the time, well a few times a year or so, many follow their principles....I don't know if they go to Canada but I think I had read some time back that they do.
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    Hi Jaminhealth,

    I think you would appreciate this video by Mercola. The relevant parts on oils starts at about the 1:45 minute mark, where he starts talking about the saturated fats myth, and how it got started in the 1950's. The next 4 minutes or so have some good information.
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    Darn Wayne, I have no speakers with this latest computer....but I will look for Mercola's info on how the saturated fat myth started.... we sure have been boondoggled for many many years and it still happens....listening to end of Coast to Coast last night and Dr. Joel Wallach was the guest, and all I heard was getting people off all statins.....people getting their cholesterol TOO LOW and risking diabetes and alzheimers and lordy knows what about a myth. jam