Good on CVS

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    Just hearing the announcement that CVS will empty their shelves of all tobacco products this year....the white house is making positive comments about this move....CVS stated they could lose up to $2B in revenue but want to do this in the name of health reasons. How about about let's see walmart do the same and target, and and and jam
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    I am honestly surprised that they didn't do this ages ago. I understand that it has probably been a reasonable source of income for the store as it is for any store, but it is a pharmacy. I understand that there was a time that the local pharmacy was similar to our modern day Wal-Mart in some ways. It provided everything from medical supplies to soda pop, cigarettes, hair cuts, and nearly anything else. However, I am surprised that CVS hasn't removed tobacco from their stores long ago with the war against tobacco having raged for nearly 2 decades now.