"good pain management doctor in you area"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cozmodmc, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. cozmodmc

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    Does anyone know of a good pain management doc in the Mercer County area of New Jersey?
    If so....P...L...E...A...S...E let me know. My pain meds, which are ultracet are no longer doing the trick. So my rhuemetoligist and internist Doc's recommended going to a pain management doc, but the ones they gave me only give epidorals and are not farmiliar with fibro. Gee...what a shock....NOT.
    So if anyone has had a good experience with a pain management doc please let me know.

    Thanks lots,
  2. Kaedysmommy

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    that I can't help you but I am looking for a pain management doctor in the Cincinnati OHIO area or surrounding area...

    My doctor wants to give me a referral but has no idea who to refer me to! So he wants me to find one...

    OH, you know what you might try! I called the Arthritis Foundation and they are sending me a list of fibro support groups here in Cincy. My doctor told me to go to one of the meetings and talk to the others there and see if I could find a good pain management doctor from them! I bet you would have a fibro support group in your area.

    Good luck to you!
  3. Cromwell

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    Has a female rheumy supposed to be the tope at Spmmers Point I think, not too far if you plan carefully. There is a long wait and you need referral.
  4. lmr422

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    I don't know much about the doctors in Mercer County, NJ anymore. However, I know there are many good physicians who work out of the Medical Center at Princeton.

    I just wanted to say hello, as I used to live there. We were in Lawrenceville for 12 years before moving to Colorado. We've been back in Bucks County, PA since 2002.

  5. lin-z

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    HI There. I wont be of help right now but I am def going to be heading in that direction soon. I am going to a new rheum. next week in mananlapan but I too need something better than the ultracet.(and i'm not getting it) Some days are better than others but man if you do find one or someone else knows of one around here..I'm there

    Good luck

  6. cozmodmc

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    Thanks so much for the advice about Princeton. I will look into that. I think they even may have a pain management dept.

  7. cozmodmc

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    Someone posted to me that I should try Princeton Medical Center. So I am going to call there and see how it goes. If goes well I will let you know.
    Sometimes I am taking 6-8 ultracet a day with NO relief at all. That is why I am finally looking into a pain management doctor.
    I will let you know if I find anyone. Have a nice day.

  8. lin-z

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    Yes please let me know!!! Right now my jack a$$ of a rheumy is giving me enough ultracet to take 2 at bed time. Thus I am going to a new one next week. Please give a holler and let me know what happens in Princeton. I have that awful HMO crap and it limits where I go

    Good luck Dawn,