good pain meds. and tens/pt?

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    Hello again. I have CFIDS, and what my doctor and I are calling fibromyalgia...although it doesn't seem to fit. I have pain that starts in my hands and feet and then goes throughout my body. My muscles hurt a lot, and my insides feel hot and toxic. It's like I have a migraine in my muscles. I've tried:
    Vicodin-did nothing
    Fioricet-made me hyper
    Soma-felt stoned for half an hour and that was it
    Tylenol with codeine-need 2 and that's the only thing that touches the pain.

    There's no way my doctor will give me Oxycontin. Any other options that have worked for y'all?

    Anti-inflammatories do nothing, and I'm taking magnesium with calcium already.

    I also have chronic muscle spasms in my traps, shoulders and tmj. Grrr. What do people have to say about the various forms of electro. stim. etc.?

    Oh, and if anyone wants an update on the family/pressure/work situation, let me know.

    Thanks, Karin
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    Its sounds like you have alot of the symptoms of fibro. I tried all kinds of medications before I found some that worked. I changed medications almost as much as I changed clothes it seemed lol. I tried percocet, vicodin, lorcet, flexeril, skalaxin, and many others. My doctor finally sent me to pain managment because he thought they could help me better and I think he was fed up with me to be honest. Everything we tried didnt work. It was the best thing he could have ever done. I am now taking oxycontin 10mg twice a day, neurontin 100mg, robaxin 500mg. The bad thing about fibro is what works for me might not for you. I would talk to your doctor and see if you can't get him/her to send you to pain management. Best wishes and I hope you find some relief

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    you might benefit from some trigger point therapy on those bound muscles that cause so much "pain" and discomfort. there is a book "the trigger point therapy workbook" by clair davies and it is not expensive, has helped me with all those muscle aches more so than the muscle relaxors.

    for the tmj, get an orthodonic device you wear at night. they are expensive though. mine has helped with my grinding teeth and headaches caused by this. i saw something in the drug store, inexpensive compared to the dentist one, for grinding teeth at night, maybe you could check on that. the tmj can cause many problems.

    i take ultram, small dose everyday (3X day), and this takes the edge off the fms pain. like you said, the anti-infl, and even the strong pain meds, percocet, vicoden, didn't help much.

    when i am in a bad flare, i also get that hot inside feeling, you are not alone. i just have to rest and ride it out. the epsom salt baths really help too.

    hope this is helpful and you are feeling better.

    warm regards, fibolady