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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by swiss, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. swiss

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    I take store brand vitamins but I wonder if the more expensive ones are better. Can you recommend a brand that you believe is the best quality?
  2. swiss

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  3. swiss

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  4. razorqueen

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    Usana is a very high quality brand. They are made of the purest ingredients and it is even in the Phramacy book, so it is recognised by the medical field.

    Usana Essentials is their vitamin and mineral package. 2 bottles. One is vitamins, the other is minerals. I've used them in the past, but not using them right now.

    I am using the "end fatigue" vit/min powder created by Dr. Teitalbaum.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    you put in juice that is very complete called All One .
    It can be ordered.

    I think it is a good and well formulted product with EVERYTHING you could need ( for the most part ) plus it is easily digested as a powder .

    My doctor likes it and other people I know also .

    You can search " All One " and find it .
  6. crumpton

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    Just wondering how the Teitelbaum powder helps the fatigue? Have been looking into energy help. Have taken energy helpers in the past with initial results and then the results are gone.

    I have taken the vitamins and supplements from this site and they are very good! SOmetimes they are expensive but if you watch you can find a sale.

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    I have to recommend (yet again) the wonderful vitamins and supplements they sell here at Pro Health. And there's a portion of each purchase that goes to research.

    I love the Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid. I got a boost the first day I took this and the second day I noticed a difference too.

    Now I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

    My husband and I both take this and other supplements from Pro Health, and I'm back on my feet too and feeling pretty good this week. ( I still tend to overdo things and I've been horribly sick for 2 long years this time)

    These vitamins may appear to be more expensive at first, but I was able to toss many of my store brand individual vitamins and supps because they are all contained in just this one multi.


    Nancy B
  8. Scapper

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    I take a lot of different brands, most high quality holistic practitioner recommended.

    I would trust anything Metagenics puts out; as well as Standard Process.

    Others have given great suggestions as well.

    Quality matters....cheaper brands add so many fillers that are not only uncessary but can cause reactions in sensitive people. Also, I seem to need a lot more quantity of the cheap brands so the quality winds up not only being better for me but cheaper b/c I don't need as much.

    Good question :)
  9. razorqueen

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    I've been finding that almost everyday I am feeling better. I am not taking anything else from the "fatigue" line as they don't make it in Canada and this was all my healthstore could order in. (I know I could order it on line, and may yet).

    I've only been taking it a couple of weeks, and was not in good shape when I started. Today, I went for lunch with my hubby, went for blood tests, then I went for some "talk therapy", picked up my daughter from school and helped her give my sister a haircut.(I'm a hairstylist, and she is taking cosmo in high school)

    After that, we went home, made supper, did some laundry, gave my Shih Tzu a haircut and now am on the computer! I haven't felt this good in a LONG time! I hope I didn't over do it! I didn't even need all my pain meds today!

    Hope that helps, and hope you feel better and more energized soon. I'm praying that each day gets better for ALL of us!

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    In my opinion, I love the vitamins that LIFE EXTENSIONS makes. They are awesome. I have tried tons of vitamins, and find that these make me feel better. You can check out there website. Just type in Life Extension. They also do alot of research, and have an awsome informative magazine.


  11. razorqueen

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    PITATOO Member

    I belong to a foundation for life extension. If you google for life extension and supplements you will find out what it is without me coming out and saying the company/brand etc.

    I have been taking their multi for years now. Again I have no affliation with the company other than a member but have never had better results. Also this site has very, very good vitamins and supplements. Check them out. Start with a good multi and work from there. Don't buy 10 differnt vitamins and take them all at once. Work into it and see which ones work for you.

    Also before I started a very extension supplement plan I went through several detoxes, liver, colon, - first clean out the junk, kill off bad bacterica and viruses and icroplasms and then rebuild with vitamins/supplements/minerals.

    Good luck.

    Thanks, Bobby
  13. julieisfree05

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    According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, USANA is THE best supplement on the market.

    They rated every supplement they could get their hands on for consistency, quality, how well it was absorbed and so on and USANA scored 96 out of 100. The next closest brand was in the mid-sixties.

    I have no financial interest in USANA, but I do take the basic supplement.

    - julie (is free!)

    I love her
    She hates me
    and I drink.. - Daryl Worely
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    Thanks for the input. I have tried many vitamins and supplements from this website. The problem I have is that they work for awhile but stop after several months.

    ANother problem that I did to myself was to start to many all at once instead of trying one for a month or longer then adding the new one and then another month add something else.

    I also am not sure what all to take or not take so I flounder more or less on my own. Or I rely on the advice from this board for a lot of help. I'm learning a little at a time. I was only diagnosed 3 years ago and seems like yesterday with the amount of knowledge I retain.

    But I have read TEitelbaums books and know they sell his supplement on this site so will give it a try. Thanks again. SOunds like you had a great day. I hope they continue but remember to pace yourself. I have to remember this myself!

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