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    Haven't posted in quite sometime, eventhough I read posts almost daily.

    I was released from my Ortho md; but given name of rheumatologist for possible arthritis .

    I saw him last Thursday. He was great. He had obtained all of medical records from my ortho and neuro before I arrived.
    He spent at least 30+ minutes taking hx and examination.

    He does tx many people with fibro. (finally someone who is willing to address my pain ; and has a good personality)

    My question is:: He has given me sulindac 200 mg; twice a day. Has anyone taken this med???

    Also given Actonel for osteopenia.
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    It is possible that no one has heard of those drugs, as whith me.

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    when they thought I had arthritis a couple years ago. It didn't do anything for me..the pain wasn't from arthritis.

    I take it your pain is from arthritis or the Rhuemy thinks that since that is what sulindac is prescribed for. Sulindac is used for inflamation and mild to moderate pain from arthritis.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you & kitten hugs,
    Blessed Be,
  5. sdlass

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    Thanks for the input--

    I was dx with fibro in 2002.

    had rt. shoulder surgery and carpal tunnel surgery this year.

    NOw have meds for peripheral neuropathy (seeing neuro)
    Cause is unknown..I have all the tests ...ruled out diabetes, lymes, etc.

    I now also have severe stiffness in rt.hand fingers, since carpal surgery in Aug.

    Ortho felt it might be caused by arthritis.

    I do have mild arthritis in my neck and lower back.

    I have been taking the sulindac for only a few days.
    So far, no relief from pain.
    I'll continue to take it..sometimes meds. take several weeks. to kick in.

  6. sdlass

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