Good shoes for painful feet and legs

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  1. jmq

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    I have horrible pain in my feet and its getting worse. The pain now travels up my legs. Tonight I am in bed with my legs elevated and on ice packs and Tramadol....and its still SO bad.

    I know part of the problem is my tile floors. Since I cant afford to change the floors...does anyone have suggestions on good shoes that I can wear around the house?

  2. tut90

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    They are made in Italy, and are the best shoes I ever bought. You don't have to break them in, they come in different colors and styles. I live in Florida so I buy the sandals and slippers, they have clogs also. They are kind of pricey, but you could find them on Ebay and at for about $22.00. I started with one pair to try them out, now I have 12.

    Hope this helps.

  3. lgp

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    When my feet really hurt, I slip on a short pair of Ugg boots that I bought two years ago. Not the most fashionable, but man do they feel good!

    I have the same problem with ceramic tile throughout my kitchen and hallway. I purchased a good quality reasonably thick area rug and placed it across my work area in the kitchen. I find it helps alot to stand on that rug when I am working. When that doesn't always work, especially when I am doing alot of prep work for company or something, I drag in a cedar bar stool that I keep on the back porch and sit while I work at the counter. I find if I get off my feet even for a few minutes when I'm working, I can then stand up and carry on.

    As crazy as it sounds, sometimes when my feet are hurting and burning, I walk around on the tile barefoot, and it seems to soothe my feet. However, I will admit, one of my worst habits once the warmer weather arrives is walking around barefoot.


  4. hermitlady

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    Have you seen a Dr, like a podiatrist? Since I was a teen, I have had to get custom orthotic insoles made to put in my shoes. They make a mold of your foot and then make the orthotics to fit. Mine help support my arch and reduce the amt of pressure on the ball of my foot. I think they were about $300, not cheap, but worth it.

    I am a huge fan of Birkenstocks, been wearing them for 32 yrs! The footbed is made of a cork composite and molds to your foot as you break them in. They have a "soft" footbed now on some styles of Birks that are more cushiony and comfy, they're my favorites. There are lots of cute styles now in sandals and shoes, not just the caveman style that they had back in the 60's!

    I'm also an UGG boot lover. I have the "Ultimate Short" which has better support and soft rubber soles. The fleece inside of them always feels so soothing and warm. I can slip my orthotics in them too if I want to.

    Funny how people mentioned the pain associated w tile floors...I tell my dh about that all the time. I can't go barefoot on our tile cuz my feet get to feeling bruised on the bottom. Also, my legs hurt.

    The past few months, when I wake up in the morning, it feels like someone has been hitting the bottom of my feet with a wooden paddle or something. My feet and legs just throb terribly.

    I always have to get shoes that are soft and cushioned on the soles, or I have to add some padded insoles from Dr. Scholl. There are all kinds of those insoles you might want to check out, that way you can add softness to some of your shoes that you already have. I used to work long hrs on my feet and I was always filling my shoes up with extra cushioning:)

    Oh, one sister and mom swear by Keen shoes. They have rubber, cushy soles w good support. Also the toe box is wide and roomy rather than pointy and squished. I got my mom a pair for Xmas and they help her to be more stable on her feet since the bottoms are wider.

    OK, I think that's my list of shoe advice for now. You can get some good deals on the internet (Zappos is a good site), but first need to try them on in a store! I've saved quite a bit on UGGS, Keen and Birks that way:)

    Hope your feet feel better.........Hermit
  5. butterflydream

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    i have the plantar fasciitis in both feet confirmed with ultrasound and now have the horrible pain up my legs. i also take the Tramadol and elevate my feet in bed.
    i use to wear birkenstock, closet full of them and i can't wear anymore due to foot pain.
    For me around the house is the softest thick low cost houseslipper at walmart and as another posted are the clogs the sell for 5 bucks.
    i have found a pair of cheeks shoes (sandal type) by Tony Little that i also wear around the house that are great. Cheeks cost me around $20 on sale.
    Since your feet are hurting so bad now, around the house you may try the softest houseslipper to begin with.
    Wish you well

  6. jmq

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    I LOVE this board!!! Everyone has so much to share. I have so many shoe options to investigate! Please keep the suggestions coming!!!! My poor soar feet and legs thank you too!

  7. DemonFairy

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    Crocs for around the house (well, and everywhere else, too) and Earth Shoes tennis shoes w/ a negative heel. I wasn't healing well from my herniated disk surgery and was still unable to walk for more than a few minutes in the grocery store...until I got my Crocs & my Earth Shoes. I don't really prefer one over the other, although the Earth Shoes take a little more getting used to - I was a little sore at first after wearing them, so you need to break them in slowly. Or, rather break yourself in slowly - it's not the shoes that are the problem. ;) The Crocs were comfy right away, and don't let anyone's complaints about how ugly they are affect your right to live with less pain. Hey, if they're good enough for my multi-millionaire back surgeon, they're good enough for me.

    One important thing - Crocs can be very very slippery on wet floors, so be careful!
  8. quanked

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    You did not say what hurt on your feet. I have had a number of problems with my feet over the last ten years. I had orthotics made that cost hundreds and I used them for a couple of years. I have a sister who had some made and she swears by them.

    Overtime the orthotics became to hard of a surface for me to bear more than an hour or two on my feet. I had tried superfeet inserts to try to relieve my foot pain prior to the orthotics. They did not correct the problem but they were comfy. I think the orthotics helped correct my foot problem after awhile because I resumed using the superfeet in my shoes after I could no longer tolerate their hardness and the foot pain did not return (I also stretch my feet often). These inserts do help me be on my feet longer when I am up and around.

    I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on shoes. My podiatrist wore Birkenstocks so I tried them too. No way will they ever work for me. I need firm but soft support. I can no longer traipse around in sandals, slip-ons or flip flops because my feet, legs and lower back will pay the price.

    But your choices will really depend on what your feet issues are as there are so many. Superfeet are about 25 to 30 bucks a pair. I have found them at REI. If you live in larger city you should have no problem finding some. I cannot find them locally in my town. I think you may be able to google them as well. Good luck.
  9. Didoe

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    this is a desparate issue with me=i invested in birkenstock, just be aware they realign your back and body balance=they really messed my feet up in the brief two weeks i could wear them.

    Becasue of the shock of ground impact on our pain points, I cant wear most leather soled nice normal shoes. NewBalance works, but not every day. Currently using Drew shoes; extra depth, thick cushioned and for the type, not half bad/ugly as some brands. I use the MaryJane style for work.

    SAS shoes may have something comfortable too.
  10. Asatrump

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    I order mine on line as I get the style called "endeavor" which have no holes in the tops. So I can wear them in wet grass, etc.

    Frankly I bought them a couple years ago for amusement because they were so ugly. Now I don't care ! They are still ugly. But I have four different colors and wear them in house and out of house. I took all but one pair of shoes to the Salvation Army donation center! When my feet can be this comfortable I have no intentions of hurting from regular shoes.

    The older I get the less I seem to care about how other people perceive me. So my uniform is usually comfy jeans, crocs and either tee shirts or sweatshirts. giggle and I have the nerve to wear my tennis bracelet with this stuff. But on a good day I use the curling iron and hope that makes some ammends.

    ohhhhh . A couple months ago my daughter said she heard Crocs were going out of business due to all the copy cats of them. So I ordered six pair of navy endeavors ! It was funny as a manager from crocs phoned and assumed one of her staff has put in the incorrect number. I said nope: just in case you go out of business I want some for the future. She assured me they are not closing, but tsk, I now have 6 extra pairs.
  11. jasminetee

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    That's funny that you make amends with your curling iron Asatrump. I can relate to strategies like that.

    Skechers are the only shoes left that I can wear. Specifically the open-toed, open-heeled ones called Energy Potent. You can find them online, although they may have changed the name and style slightly. They do that a lot.

    We put down 4 anti-fatigue mats in our galley kitchen. I've tried different kinds and like the Air-flex kitchen mats from Solutions best. The idea is to line them up in front of your counters and in front of your sink so everywhere you stand to work you're on a mat. I believe I needed the ones that have micro-fiber covering. One of the ones I ordered had a rubbery covering which made me trip but they happily replaced it with the micro-fiber and my Skechers don't stick to that. You can order them online.

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