Good stories, bad stories! (Neck Surgery)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kacjac, Feb 16, 2006.

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    I put in "neck surgery" in the search box, and read everything!
    Just as soon as I would feel hopeful, I read another horror post! These are mainly from '03 and '04.
    Has anyone had any recent neck surgery?
    Would you please share your story?
    Please, please, Please!
    I will see surgeon soon!
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    You might want to put the words "Neck Surgery" in the title of your post. I think you might get more responses that way; I hope so anyway.

  5. sunshine54

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    First one was C6-C7 on 5/2/05 due to a car accident, but neurosurgeon did not put a plate and screws in to hold it. I was ok for two weeks then the pain began again in my arms. I spent 3 more months while he did another MRI, EMG, and then a Cervical and Lumbar Myleogram and CT Scan with contrast. He told me I needed another surgery for the C5-C6. I told him because of being in a fibro flare from the accident and surgery, I didn't think I was up to another surgery. He wrote in his notes, that I said the pain wasn't bad enough. Sent him a fax from my PCP's office asking him to correct that as I filed for ssd in 4/05, was denied 12/05 and my attorney has filed for reconsideration.

    Saw another neurosurgeon in 9/05 and he told me that my fusion had dropped because he didn't put a plate in their. So he told me to quit smoking (was only smoking 6-10 cigarettes a day) and he would do surgery. I had surgery on 11/29/05 and when he go in there I did have cadaver bone in C6-C7 as he tapped in there and could feel it, just was healing. So yes, he ended up fusing C5-C6 and putting a plate over C5-C7 with 6 screws. He told hubby that I would need another surgery in the near future for either C7-T1 or C8-T1 (hubby couldn't remember). When checking out of the hospital the next day, I told his nurse my left foot was always numb.

    Hubby got a new job and new insurance started 12/05 so didn't want to pay deductible and out of pocket expenses for one month and turn right around and have to pay again in January, so waited until 1/6/06 to have lumbar mri. By then, I had pins & needles on top of foot and the bottom was red. Scheduled for a lumbar fusion at L4-S1 on 1/18/06 but again, when NS got in there I was autofused at L5-S1 (weird??), so he fused L4-L5 and put rods and screws in. I go back next Tuesday for check-up. Foot pain is gone, but lower back hurts.

    I must admit I'm having left jaw pain and under jaw along with left neck pain and left shoulder burns if I'm up for more than 3-4 hours. Then I have to go lay on a heating pad.

    BUT let me say that not only do I have fibro, but I also have severe osteoarthritis and severe degenerative disk disease. My son, who is 32, was dx with osteo and ddd just this past summer.

    If I had it to do over again would I have the surgeries. Yes!

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    But family and friends who have seem all to have hated it worse after than before despite cheery prognosis prior to surgery. They were all older too.

    It decided me against, but yours is from the front right??
    Tell again what it is so I don't have to look up the post again.

    Love Anne C
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    If you are asking me whether my two cervical fusions were anterior (from the front), Yes - both of them were.

  8. Kacjac

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    Cervical is C5 C6 C7
    Lumbar is L5 S1
    Im scared of thinking I might be fixed, and than come out worse, butt this pain is getting severe, so I guess Im running out of options.
    But my Ortho Doc did say, this surgeon is conservative, and will probably try injections first.
    I just want to read simular sories.
    Hugz, Karen
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    Fusion - Did it - Hardly any pain - loved it, love my doctors, Dr. Glass and Dr. Hudgins in Dallas. I felt so good I could have gone home that night after surgery.
  10. Kacjac

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