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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to share two good quotes that I got out of the CFS Newsletter that Pro Health sends out via e-mail.

    This first one I plan to use from now on when I am writing anyone about CFS awareness ie congressmen etc. Hopefully it will get some peoples attention.

    "Is CFS serious? Try this on for size: According to information released at the CDC's press conference in late 2006, CFS patients suffer as much or more than cancer patients on chemotherapy, or patients with multiple sclerosis, 'end stage' AIDS, end stage kidney disease, and end stage emphysema. By the way, 'end stage' is the last, or terminal, stage of life with a given disease. That is pretty serious, I would say."

    This second one is what someone came up with for the new name for CFS. LOVE IT!!! Whoever Leo is he said it PERFECTLY!

    Here it is:

    "Most Descriptive CFS Name Yet

    …An alternative approach could be to name CFS “Sisyphus disease.” Sisyphus was a king in Greek mythology who outwitted/duped death. As punishment, he had to work in the underworld for eternity, repeatedly rolling a rock up a mountain, from where it fell down again. From there, a " Sisyphean task" is one that lasts forever and never yields a result. - Leo"

    Just wanted to share!
    Take Care,
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